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  1. 2.8" TFT Touch Shield V2.0

  2. 2KM Long Range RF link kits w/ encoder and decoder (SKU: 113990018)

  3. 4A Motor Shield (SKU: 105030004)

  4. 4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit (SKU: 110070012)

  5. Adjustable DC/DC Power Converter (1V - 12V/1.5A) (SKU: 105030005)

  6. Air Mail Parcel Problems

  7. Arch Pro (SKU: 810001001)

  8. Arduino Adapter For Raspberry Pi (SKU: 103990079)

  9. Automation Board (SKU: 102990218)

  10. Base Shield V2 (SKU: 103030000)

  11. Bluetooth shield (SKU: SLD63030P)

  12. CAN BUS shield (SKU:SLD01105P)

  13. CAN BUS SHIELD work with Galileo Gen2

  14. Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

  15. Can I change the declared value of the goods?

  16. Can I use another software beside Eagle to generate the Gerber files?

  17. Can I use connection to panelize the board?

  18. Can you soldering component which is not in your OPL?

  19. Canthe V-cut line be curve?

  20. Do products come with warranties?

  21. Do you ship to PO Boxes?

  22. DSO nano firmware update

  23. DSO Nano V3 (SKU: TOL01241P)

  24. DSO Quad - Aluminium Alloy Silver (SKU: 109990016)

  25. EL Tape - Red 1m (SKU: 104990044)

  26. Encoder Geared Motor JGB37-371 (SKU: 316070003)

  27. ESP8266 based WiFi module - SPI supported (SKU: 317060015)

  28. Export PCB gerber from Cam

  29. Exporting manufacturing files from Altium Designer

  30. Firmware link of mini soldering iron

  31. Firmware update and Arduino sketches on RePhone Geo Kit does not work on my Windows 7 64bit PC

  32. Free Shipping for orders over $200 is only valid for Bazaar side, not for Fusion service.

  33. Fusion 's payment method

  34. Fusion Aluminum Board 

  35. Fusion FPC board

  36. Fusion PCB Specification

  37. Fusion PCB Stencil specification

  38. Fusion PCBA Specification

  39. Fusion PCB/PCBA Order Submission Guidelines

  40. Galvanometer motor (SC17-15K) (SKU: 316010012)

  41. GPRS Shield (SKU: SLD01098P)

  42. Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader (SKU: SEN11425P)

  43. Grove - CO2 Sensor SKU: 101020067

  44. Grove - Dust Sensor (SKU: 101020012)

  45. Grove - Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor (SKU: 101020033)

  46. Grove - Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor with shell (SKU: 101020082)

  47. Grove - High Temperature Sensor (SKU: 111020002)

  48. Grove - I2C Color Sensor (SKU: SEN60256P)

  49. Grove - I2C Hub (SKU: 103020006)

  50. Grove - LCD RGB Backlight

  51. Grove - Moisture Sensor (SKU: SEN92355P)

  52. Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor (SKU: 101020088)

  53. Grove - NFC (SKU: 113020006)

  54. Grove - OLED Display 0.96" (SKU: OLE42178P)

  55. Grove - PIR Motion Sensor (SKU: SEN32357P)

  56. Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino (SKU:ELB00100M)

  57. Grove Breakout for Linkit Smart 7688 Duo(SKU: 103030032)

  58. Grove Starter Kit for Photon (SKU: 110060048)

  59. How can I cancel my order?

  60. How can i change colour if i choose the wrong one ?

  61. How can I change my shipping address?

  62. How can i do if i do not required to make plated through holes?

  63. How can I get my invoice?

  64. How can I get my invoice?

  65. How come my tracking number doesn't work?

  66. How do plated through slots work on the Gerber ?

  67. How do you handle defective on arrival / DOA orders?

  68. How fast can I get my 3D printing product?

  69. How long does it take for orders to get sent?

  70. How should the V-cut line look like in Gerber?

  71. How to connect UARTSBeeV4 to ESP8266 based WiFi module (SKU:317060015).

  72. How to export the correct drilling layer from eagle

  73. How to export the drill files correctly?

  74. How to generate gerber from KiCAD?

  75. How to generate the gerber files from Altium Designer

  76. How to get solutions of tech questions ?

  77. How to output drill file correctly ?

  78. How to place Fusion PCB/PCBA Order?

  79. How to rate your order

  80. How to use coupon?

  81. I can not find the re-order option on your website ,and i 've lost my Gerber files , what should i do ?

  82. If my PCB do not require Drilling Holes, what should i do ?

  83. If my PCB does not require Solder Mask, what should I do?

  84. If my PCB's do not have the silkscreen, how can I proceed with my PCBA order?

  85. IOIO OTG for Android (SKU: KIT02600M)

  86. Is the board outline could only be rectangle ?

  87. LinkIt Assist 2502 (SKU: 102990179)

  88. LinkIt MT2502A Module -Scale for IoT solution (SKU: 317030022)

  89. LinkIt ONE (SKU: 102030002)

  90. LinkIt Smart 7688 (SKU: 102110018)

  91. LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo (SKU: 102110017)

  92. Linkit smart 7688 Duo(SKU: 102110017)

  93. Mecanum Wheel Kit (2 Left, 2 Right) (SKU: 114990133)

  94. Mini PIR Motion Sensor Module (SKU: 800130001)

  95. Motor Shield (SKU: SLD01102P)

  96. Motor Shield V2.0 (SKU: 105030001)

  97. Music shield (SKU: SLD01104P)

  98. NFC shield (SKU: SLD01097P)

  99. Options of Fiducial

  100. PCB quantity

  101. Quick Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (SKU: 110060088)

  102. Rainbowduino (SKU: ARD127D2P)

  103. Relay Shield (SKU: SLD01101P)

  104. RePhone Kit Create (SKU: 110040002)

  105. SDLogger - Open Hardware Data Logger (SKU: 105990002)

  106. Seeed BLE Shield (SKU: 113030013)

  107. Seeed day PCBA promotion information

  108. Seeed Production Code MUST be printed on empty space of your PCB

  109. SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green (SKU: 102010027)

  110. Seeeduino ADK Main Board (SKU: ARD52028P)

  111. Seeeduino GPRS (SKU: 810002001)

  112. Seeeduino Lotus - ATMega328 Board with Grove Interface (SKU: 102020001)

  113. Seeeduino Stalker v3 (SKU: 102010017)

  114. Seeeduino V4 (SKU: 102010004)

  115. Servo Problem-Grove starter kit plus Intel IoT Edition

  116. Shield Bot (SKU: SLD01091P)

  117. Sidekick Basic Kit for Arduino (SKU: 110060003)

  118. Skeleton Bot - 4WD Hercules Mobile Robotic Platform (SKU: KIT06071P)

  119. SPI don't work with LinkIt ONE


  121. TFT Touch shield(SKU: SLD62445P)

  122. The color of solder mask

  123. The copper weight for PCB

  124. The dimension for PCB

  125. The material for FR-4/Aluminum Board/FPC

  126. The surface finish for PCB

  127. The thickness of PCB

  128. V-cut rules

  129. W5200 Ethernet Shield (SKU: SLD91000P)

  130. Website automatic measures the board dimensions

  131. Weight Sensor (Load Cell) 0-5kg (SKU: 114990094)

  132. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?

  133. What are Seeed's business hours?

  134. What are the available shipping methods?

  135. What are the dimensions for Dielectric Separation thickness?

  136. What are the order statuses in Bazaar?

  137. What are the PCB order status?

  138. What are the PCB panelization rules?

  139. What are the PCBA status?

  140. What do I do if I upload the wrong files?

  141. What do I do if I upload the wrong files?

  142. What do I do to suggest more components in OPL?

  143. What does each stock status mean?

  144. What holidays does Seeed observe?

  145. What information should I offer to finish the PCB assembly?

  146. What is Blind/Buried Via?

  147. What is Fusion?

  148. What is Gerber file?

  149. What is Half-cut/Castellated Holes.

  150. What is Impedance Control?

  151. What is policy about Customs, Duties and Taxes?

  152. What is the correct way to draw the silkscreen on the bottom side?

  153. What is the depth of the v- cut?

  154. What is the dielectric constant of FPC

  155. What is the dielectric material of FPC

  156. What is the inner layer copper thickness?

  157. What is the layer?

  158. What is the layout tips for 3440030P1 AUDIO-Connector?

  159. What is the lead time for PCB/PCBA order?

  160. What is the Minimum inner trace width for 4 layers?

  161. What is the minimum trace width?

  162. What is the production time for Fusion services orders?

  163. What is the range for the drilling hole diameter?

  164. What is the size of the Fiducial?

  165. What is the stack up of 6/8 layers boards?

  166. What is the The Min Track/Spacing for 1oz./2oz./3oz. Copper weight

  167. What language do I enter my information in?

  168. What payment methods do you accept?

  169. What should I do if my order status is "Pending"?

  170. What should i do when received the products with quality issue?

  171. Where to find documents of products ?

  172. Which layer should I use in EAGLE for milling?

  173. Which layer should I use in EAGLE for V-slot?

  174. Why can't i track the tracking number which you provided ?

  175. Why can't i track USPS info on the website ?

  176. Why didn't I receive an order confirmation e-mail?

  177. Why didn't I receive any order status e-mail?

  178. Why payment has been rejected?

  179. Why taking so long for customs clearance?

  180. Wifi Bee (SKU: WLS48188P)

  181. Wifi shield (Fi250) (SKU: 812001001)

  182. WiFi Shield (SKU: WLS06201P)

  183. Wio Node (SKU 102110057)

  184. Wireless Sensor Node - Solar kit (SKU:KIT80949P)

  185. Xadow - BLE Slave

  186. Xadow - M0 mbed enabled ARM Cortex-M0 board (SKU: 102040001)

  187. Xadow - Main Board (SKU:COM00100P)

  188. Xadow - NFC (SKU:WLS07111P)

  189. Xadow - OLED 0.96'' (SKU: 104010000)

  190. Xadow GPS v2 (SKU: 113040009)

  191. Xadow GSM + BLE (SKU: 102040005)

  192. XC2C64A CoolRunner-II CPLD development board (SKU: 102990004)

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