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Fusion Advanced PCB Specification

The Seeed Fusion Advanced PCB service caters for more complex requirements.

FR4 TG130/TG170
High Frequency Board Default (if not otherwise
Please request when placing
the order
Rogers, Taconic, Arlon,
Rogers 4350, Rogers 4003,
25FR, 25N
Rigid PI
Aluminum Board
Number of Layers FR4 1 - 30 layers
Rigid-Flex 36 Rigid layers/10 flexible layers
FPC 1 - 10 layers
Metal Board 1 - 2 layers
Board Thickness Rigid 0.2 - 8.0mm
Aluminium Board 0.5 - 7.0mm
Surface Finishes HASL, HASL (Lead-free), ENIG, Hard Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP
Copper Trace Width / Spacing Inner layer For 0.5oz Copper Weight 3/3mil
For 1oz Copper Weight 4/4mil
For 2oz Copper Weight 5/6mil
For 3oz Copper Weight 7/9mil
For 4oz Copper Weight 8/12mil
For 5oz Copper Weight 10/15mil
For 6oz Copper Weight 12/18mil
Outer layer For 1/3oz Copper Weight 3/3mil
For 0.5oz Copper Weight 4/4mil
For 1oz Copper Weight 5/5mil
For 2oz Copper Weight 6/8mil
For 3oz Copper Weight 7/10mil
For 4oz Copper Weight 8/13mil
For 5oz Copper Weight 10/16mil
For 6oz Copper Weight 12/18mil
Minimum Mechanical Via Diameter 0.1mm (PCB thickness ≤0.6mm)
Minimum Castellated Holes Diameter Φ 0.35mm
Minimum Spacing Between Via walls
(of different circuit nets)
9mil for prototype 12mil for mass production
Minimum Spacing Between Vias and
Traces in Inner Layers
9mil for prototype 12mil for mass production
Width of Annular Rings For vias 4mil
For Through-Holes 8mil
Minimum Width of the
Solder Mask Dam
Green Solder Mask 0.08mm
Other Colors 0.12mm
Solder Mask Colors Green / Red / Yellow / Blue / White / Purple / Matte Green / Customized
HDI Boards (Buried/Blind Vias) 1+n+1
Mechanical Tolerances Outline ±0.10mm
V-cuts ±0.10mm
Milling Slots ±0.10mm
Gold Finger Edge Chamfer 20°, 30° ,45° ,60°
Edge Chamfer tolerance ±5°
Minimum Spacing 7mil
Plugged Vias Diameter (finished) 0.15-0.8mm
Thickness/Diameter ≤16:1
Trace/Spacing 4/4mil
Back Drilling Diameter 0.5-6.3mm
Distance Between Adjacent
Depth Tolerance ±0.10mm
Min BGA Diameter 7mil
Trace/Spacing 4/4mil
Trace tolerance Trace Width ≤ 10mil ±1.0mil
Trace Width>10mil ±1.5mil

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