Fusion Advanced PCB Specification

Fusion Advanced PCB service can meet your special requirements.

Material FR4 TG130/TG150/TG170/TG210
High Frequency Board ceramic Rogers4350, Rogers4003, 25FR, 25N
PTFE Rogers, Taconic, Arlon
Rigid PI
Ceramic PCB 
24-180W/m.k(thermal conductivity)
Metal Board 0.3-3W/m.k(thermal conductivity)
Layer FR4 1-50
Rigid-Flex  36rigid/10flex
FPC 1~10
Centrotherm DBC 1~2
Metal Board 1~12
Thickness Rigid 0.2mm~8.0mm
Metal Board 0.5~7.0mm
Surface finish Hasl, Hasl(lead free), Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold(ENIG), Immersion Tin, Immersion Sliver, OSP, Hard Gold(with/without Ni), Soft Ni/Au Plating(with/without Ni), ENIG+OSP
Trace/spacing Inner layer 0.5OZ Copper weight: 3/3mil
1.0OZ Copper weight: 4/4mil
2.0OZ Copper weight: 5/6mil
3.0OZ Copper weight: 7/9mil
4.0OZ Copper weight: 8/12mil
5.0OZ Copper weight: 10/15mil
6.0OZ Copper weight: 12/18mil
Outter layer 1/3OZ Copper weight: 3/3mil
0.5OZ Copper weight: 4/4mil
1.0OZ Copper weight: 5/5mil
2.0OZ Copper weight: 6/8mil
3.0OZ Copper weight: 7/10mil
4.0OZ Copper weight: 8/13mil
5.0OZ Copper weight: 10/16mil
6.0OZ Copper weight: 12/18mil
min mechanical vias 0.1mm(PCB thickness ≤0.6mm)
min Castellated Holes Φ0.35mm
min spacing between via walls(from different circuit net) 9mil for prototype 12mil for mass production
min spacing between via and inner traces 9mil for prototype 12mil for mass production
width of ring for vias 4mil
for pads 8mil
Solder mask width of solder mask dam 0.08mm for Green 0.12 for other color
color Green/red/yellow/blue/white/purple/matt green/customized color
HDI(Buried/blind vias) 1+n+1
Mechanical tolerance Outline ±0.10mm
V-cutting ±0.10mm
Milling Slots ±0.10mm
Gold finger Edge Chamfer 20°,30°,45°,60°
Edge Chamfer tolerance ±5°
Min spacing 7mil
Plugged vias Diameter(finished) 0.15mm-0.8mm
Thickness/diameter ≤16:1
Trace/spacing 4/4mil
Back Drilling diameter 0.5mm-6.3mm
Distance between target layer and next layer ≥0.20mm
Deepth tolerance ±0.10mm
Min BGA diameter 7mil
trace/spacing 4/4mil
Trace tolerance trace width≤10mil ±1.0mil
trace width>10mil ±1.5mil

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