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What size PCBs can Seeed Fusion manufacture?


The size of the laminates available depends on the type of PCB base material. 

For standard FR-4 TG130: from 10 x 10mm to 500 x 500mm.
For Aluminum boards: from 10 x 10mm to 300 x 300mm
For FPC: from 3 x 3mm to 100 x 100mm

What can I do if my boards are too small?
You can try panelizing the boards using stamp holes or milling slots, like in the third image. Panelizing using v-cuts only is not recommended for small boards under 15 x 15mm in size. Depanelising boards smaller than this size puts excessive stress on the individual boards and can easily damage them.

What can I do if my boards are too big?
Send us the files and we will see if we can find a supplier with suitably sized laminates available.


- When panelising the boards, please make sure the panelised boards are the same design. Otherwise, you should select the different designs option on the order page. More information.

- If there are 40 or more boards on a single panel, then a $16USD charge will be requested via e-mail during file review. For 80 boards, an additional $32USD is required.

- Small boards may incur a $16USD fee for handling costs.

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