What are the PCB panelization rules?

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 A.  There are no extra cost for identical design panelization.  

ie,  Choose“Panelized 1”means there are only one design in your PCB Gerber file.  So if you want to panelized with V-cut or milled slots, please make sure each sub-board is the same.

Tips:  a) put the v-cut line in outline layer (GKO/GML),e.g. put in layer 46 in Eagle.

   b) make a note beside the v-cut line as the following picture shows.


 If you want to use v-cut ,please following those rules:

1) The entire board size should be larger than 7cm*7cm, smaller than 38cm*38cm.

2) The sub-board size should be larger than 2cm*2cm.

※Please note if the sub-board size is smaller than 2cm*2cm in your PCB Gerber file, we will inform you to pay USD16 for the process fee.

3) V-cut line only be a straight line.

4) V-cut line only be cut from edge to the edge.

5) V-cut line must be zero pitch between sub-boards.  

6)The minimum length between circuit wire and the v-cut line as greater than 0.4mm.  

7) The thickness of the board must be greater than 1.0mm.

 B. Different PCB panelization.

Tips: a) Put all designs in one Gerber file.

     bMake sure the cut lines (slots) are in outline layer (GKO/GML), and the complete board outline should go all round the edge of the boards.

    c) Choose "Panelized PCBs" option, ie. 2 panelization= 2 designs, Maximum is 9 designs.


 Please note that if there are 2 designs are the same, we still consider that those are 5 designs.

C. No panelization.

 Tips:  a) Please make sure the complete board outline should go all round the edge of the boards.

      b) Use silkscreen to separate the board,No cut line in Outline layer (GKO/GML), please see the following picture

           c) You will get 1 complete board WITHOUT any cutting no matter you put different designs or same design here.

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