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What is the PCB copper weight?

Copper foil thickness is specified in units of ounces per square foot (oz/ft²), or just referred to simply as ounce. Popular thicknesses include 1 oz/ft² (300 g/m²), 2 oz/ft² (600 g/m²), and 3 oz/ft² (900 g/m²). These work out to thicknesses of 35 µm (1oz), 70 µm, and 105 µm, respectively. 

This option in our website is the parameter for the top and bottom circuit layers only. For inner layers, the copper weight is 0.5oz.

Greater copper weight will make your board have better electrical properties but it will also increase the difficulty in etching the boards. For most general circuits, 1oz copper weight is sufficient. For batch production, please make sure the minimum track and spacing meet the following specification.

Online Quotation:
Copper weight The Min Track/Spacing for online quotation
1oz ≥4/4mil
2oz ≥10/10mil
3oz ≥15/15mil

Offline Quotation:
Copper weight The Min Track/Spacing for offline quotation
1oz ≥3.5/3.5mil
2oz ≥6/8mil
3oz ≥7/12mil


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