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Seeed Fusion PCB upload error: Outline not found (日本)

Please ensure you have an outline drawn in one of the files, ideally in a dedicated outline layer and that this layer is named appropriately (.GML, outline etc.)

All PCB orders require a board outline to tell us how to cut out the boards. The Seeed Fusion PCB platform can identify the board outline from the Gerber files and from this, determine the board’s length and width. If extraction is successful, the dimensions field will update automatically. If it is unable to determine the outline, then it may return an error or extract the wrong dimensions.

The platform is not 100% accurate, it is your responsibility to ensure that the extracted dimensions are correct. The length and width is determined by the horizontal and vertical lengths as per the Gerber files.

If the platform is unable to extract the outline, please first check that the files contain the board outline.


The board outline cannot be read or the extracted dimensions are not correct

1.    Make sure the board outline is located in a dedicated outline/mechanical Gerber layer. If it is located in other layers, it may be read incorrectly.

     a.    In Altium Designer and CircuitMaker, the outline has to be drawn manually, even if there appears to be an outline

2.    Make sure there is only one board outline in the outline/mechanical layer, and that it is complete and closed. Cut-outs, v-cuts, milling slots etc. inside the outline are fine.

3.    If the name/file extension of this layer is ambiguous, try manually changing the file extension to .GML.

My files contain the board outline but it is not being detected/is being read incorrectly

If you are sure the files contain the board outline or the dimensions have been read incorrectly, please enter the correct dimensions manually. CAM engineers will contact you if they have any problems with the outline.


Date Modified 2021/12/15

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