Knowledge Base

  1. Assurance 

    1. Do products come with warranties?
    2. How do you handle defective on arrival / DOA orders?
  2. General 

    1. What are Seeed's business hours?
    2. What holidays does Seeed observe?
  3. Fusion Specification 

    1. Fusion PCB Specification
    2. Fusion PCBA Specification
    3. Fusion PCB Stencil Specification
    4. Fusion Aluminum PCB Specification
    5. Fusion FPC (Flexible PCB) Specification
  4. Fusion Service FAQ 

    1. What is Fusion?
    2. How to place a Fusion PCB order?
    3. How long do Fusion orders take?
    4. How long do Fusion PCB/PCBA orders take?
    5. What are the Fusion PCB order statuses?
  5. Fusion Technical FAQ 

    1. What are the PCB panelization rules?
    2. What is the depth and width of the v-cuts/grooves?
    3. What are the dimensions for Dielectric Separation thickness?
    4. What is the thickness of the inner copper layers?
    5. What are Blind and Buried Vias?
  6. Have a problem with PCB design? 

    1. My PCB does not require Solder Mask, what should I do?
    2. What is the correct way to draw the silkscreen on the bottom side?
    3. My PCB does not require Drill Holes, what should i do ?
    4. Which layer should I use in EAGLE for milling?
    5. I don't want silkscreen on my PCBs, how can I proceed with a PCB Assembly order?
  7. How to generate PCB Gerber files? 

    1. What is Gerber file?
    2. How to generate the Gerber (manufacturing) files?
    3. How to generate Gerber files in Altium Designer
    4. How to generate Gerber files from CircuitMaker
    5. How to generate Gerber and Drill files from Eagle
  8. Have a problem with Fusion orders? 

    1. My Fusion order status is "Pending/Awaiting Revised File", what should I do?
    2. The Seeed Production Code MUST be printed on some empty space of your Fusion PCB panel
    3. How can I cancel my Fusion order?
    4. How can I change my shipping address?
    5. Why the website cannot read the BOM file?
  9. Have a shipment problem with Fusion orders? 

    1. Why doesn't my tracking number work on the tracking website?
    2. Why has my Air Mail package still not arrived?
    3. How can I get the shipping cost/methods for Fusion orders?
    4. What is VAT/EORI/CNPJ/CPF number?
    5. Singapore Post service no longer available for Fusion orders dispatched to Canada
  10. Bazaar Ordering 

    1. How to register and place order?
    2. How to select Shipping Method?
    3. How to Trace my parcel?
    4. How can I get my invoice?
    5. Having trouble on checkout page?
  11. Products' FAQ 

    2. GPRS Shield (SKU: SLD01098P)
    3. WiFi Shield (SKU: WLS06201P)
    4. Music shield (SKU: SLD01104P)
    5. Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino (SKU:ELB00100M)
  12. Shipping 

    1. Do you ship to PO Boxes?
    2. What is policy about Customs, Duties and Taxes?
    3. How come my tracking number doesn't work?
    4. How long does it take for orders to get sent?
    5. What are the available shipping methods?
  13. Tech Support 

    1. Where to find documents of products ?
    2. How to get solutions of tech questions ?
    3. What do I do to suggest more components in OPL?
    4. What is the layout tips for 3440030P1 AUDIO-Connector?
  14. よくある質問(Fusion向け) 

    1. Fusion PCB / PCBA注文のリードタイムはどのくらいですか?
    2. お問い合わせについて
    3. 円形や異形状の基板は製造できますか?
    4. 注文する前にガーバーデータを確認してもらえますか?
    5. 注文ページのガーバービューアで基板が正しく表示されない場合、製造できますか?
  15. 常见问题 

    1. Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger(SKU: 101020010)
    2. SoundPi(SKU:114991454,102991014,114991455)
  16. 技術ガイド(Fusion向け) 

    1. ガーバーデータとは
    2. シルクについて
    3. ガーバーファイルを出力する方法
    4. PCBEからガーバーファイルを出力する方法
    5. KiCADからガーバーファイルを出力する方法
  17. 標準規格書(Fusion向け) 

    1. 基板製造の仕様
    2. 部品実装の仕様
    3. メタルマスクの仕様
    4. アルミ基板の仕様
    5. フレキ基板の仕様
  18. All articles 

    1. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?
    2. What are Seeed's business hours?
    3. Do products come with warranties?
    4. Where to find documents of products ?
    5. My Fusion order status is "Pending/Awaiting Revised File", what should I do?

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