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How to generate Gerber files in Altium Designer

1. File-Fabrication Outputs-Gerber files

2. Select the parameters. If you don't know the exact meaning of the parameters. You can follow like the picture.

If you want to make PCB, you need these layers.
Please make sure you have the clear outline in mechanical layer.
If your board are 2-layer, there will be no inner layer(G1,G2,G3....)

Your gerber files will need embedded apertures. 
3.When you make sure all configurations are fine. Please click the OK to generate the gerber files.

4,Then we need to generate the Drilling layer in Excellon format.

5. We recommend you to choose the same units and format parameters as gerber. Then click OK.

6. Then you get all files. Please put them into a zip/rar file. Place an order in website.

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