Fusion PCB Stencil specification

1. SMT Stencil Order Steps:
  • Upload your design file (One file, one order!)
  • Filling in the stencil parameters according to your file.
If your design files meet the requirements, Stencil will be manufactured in 24h, and shipped in 2-3days (Excluding the Chinese Festivals).
2. SMT Stencil Capabilities:
Minimum Quantity1
Thickness0.12mm, 0.15mm
Fiducial DataNo Fiducial, Etched Through, Etched on Board Side, Etched on Squeegee Side
Polishing TechniquesPolishing, BGA Plating
Maximum Dimensions
37.0cm x 47.0cm
42.0cm x 52.0cm
45.0cm x 55.0cm
55.0cm x 65.0cm
58.4cm x 58.4cm
3. Limitation on PCB Size:
DimensionEffective Area
37.0cm x 47.0cm19.0cm x 29.0cm
42.0cm x 52.0cm24.0cm x 34.0cm
45.0cm x 55.0cm27.0cm x 37.0cm
55.0cm x 65.0cm37.0cm x 47.0cm
58.4cm x 58.4cm40.0cm x 40.0cm
*PCB and panelizing design must be in the effective area of the dimension you selected.
4. Gerber file requirements
The following layers are needed: 
  • Top Layer: pcbname.GTP
  • Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBP
  • Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
  • Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO
  • Board outline must be included at least in one layer.
  • The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.
The rules of Panelizing:
Panelizing is permitted, but you should prepare the panelized Gerber files by yourself. One file, one order!
Price for SMT Stencil:
37.0cm x 47.0cm$70.00
42.0cm x 52.0cm$85.00
45.0cm x 55.0cm$135.00
55.0cm x 65.0cm$155.00
58.4cm x 58.4cm$160.00
0.12mmAdd 0
0.15mmAdd 0
Fiducial Data
No FiducialAdd 0
Etched ThroughAdd 0
Etched on Board SideAdd 0
Etched on Squeegee SideAdd 0
Polishing Techniques
PolishingAdd 0
BGA PlatingAdd $10.00

6. Production time


Production Time 

PCB Stencil Service 

1-2 business days  

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