Fusion PCB Stencil Specification

1. SMT Stencil Order Steps
  • Upload your manufacturing files here. (one file, one order!)
  • Fill in the stencil parameters according to your file.
If your design files meet the requirements, your stencil will be manufactured in 24 hours and shipped in 2 - 3 working days (excluding Chinese Festivals).

2. SMT Stencil Capabilities
Minimum Quantity 1
Material Type 304 Stainless Steel
Thicknesses 0.12mm
Fiducial Marking Options No Fiducials
Through Etched
Half Etched
Polishing Techniques Polished
BGA Plating
Dimensions of
Entire Stencil (cm)
From 28 x 38
To 73.6 x 73.6

3. Effective Area per Stencil Size
Your stencil must be large enough to fit your board data into the Effective Area of the stencil. Not the actual stencil size. The effective area is the central region where SMT pads can be cut into the sheet, the remaining space forms the stencil margin and cannot be cut.
    Stencil Size (cm)Effective Area (cm)
    28 x 38 Frameless 19 x 29
    30 x 40
    13 x 21
    37 x 47
    19 x 29
    40 x 60
    22 x 40
    40 x 80
    22 x 60
    42 x 52
    24 x 34
    45 x 55
    27 x 37
    50 x 80
    32 x 60
    55 x 65
    35 x 45
    58.4 x 58.4
    38 x 38
    73.6 x 73.6
    50 x 50

    4. Gerber File Requirements
    For stencils, we require the SMT Paste Gerber files (.GTP .GTB). These are not the same as the solder mask layers! Solder mask layers also contain drill hole data which is not needed for stencils. The data can be of panelized boards or individual boards; we will cut all the SMT data found in the stencil files as long as they fit in the effective area. (If you want panelized data you will have to do this yourself. We do not provide panelization services)

    If you require both the top and bottom sides of your board on a single stencil, we advise that you provide all the manufacturing files required for PCB manufacture (copper, solder mask, silkscreen) as well in one archive. We will reverse the bottom side so you will only have to apply solder paste onto one side of the stencil, the other files will help us work out if the bottom file requires mirroring. If you only require one side, please only provide the files for one side. Remember to ensure that your files are in RS-274X (Extended Gerber) format and not X2.

    If we have any questions regarding your order you will be contacted directly by an operative. Please keep an eye out on your registered e-mail address including junk and spam folders.

    5. Stencil Pricing
      Stencil Size (cm)Original PriceNEW Price
      28 x 38 Frameless $19.90 $9.90
      30 x 40 $29.00 $14.50
      37 x 47 $39.00 $15.00
      40 x 60 $79.00 $28.00
      40 x 80 $79.00 $32.00
      42 x 52 $49.00 $22.00
      45 x 55 $79.00 $28.00
      50 x 80 $89.00 $40.00
      55 x 65 $109.00 $40.00
      58.4 x 58.4 $109.00 $40.00
      73.6 x 73.6 $179.00 $60.00
      0.12mm FREE
      0.15mm FREE
      Fiducial Markings
      No Fiducial FREE
      Through Etched FREE
      Half Etched FREE
      Polishing Techniques
      Polished FREE
      BGA Plating Add $10.00

      *All prices quoted in USD.

      Updated 2017/08/31

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