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My Fusion order status is "Pending/Awaiting Revised File", what should I do?

Our file reviewers have found problems with your Fusion order and require you to modify your files and re-upload them. Please check the inbox of your registered e-mail address, including spam and junk folders, for an e-mail from us. There you will find the problem description and suggested solution. 

To avoid delays to your orders, we advise you view our Technical Support FAQ and our general production requirements here. Also, please ensure your registered e-mail address is active to ensure we can easily contact you. If you cannot find the e-mail, please check your files for the below problems. If these do not apply, please contact us quoting your order number.

The most common issues include:
- No board outline in the mechanical layer (GML/GKO)
- No drill file in Excellon format
- No solder mask layers (top or bottom or both for multilayer boards)
- Files are in the wrong format, please generate them in RS-274x format, not X2.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Last Modified 2017/12/14

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