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My PCB does not require Solder Mask, what should I do?

Unlike the copper layer, the solder mask layer is negative. This means a solid object in the layer corresponds to a hole, or opening in the solder mask layer (an area without solder mask covering). Therefore, for a board that requires the surface to be fully covered with solder mask, the solder mask layer should look like this, an empty outline of the boards.

For boards that do not require solder mask at all (exposed traces and bare FR-4 substrate material), then the solder mask layer should be completely filled like this:

If your boards do not require solder mask, please do not exclude the solder mask layers from your upload. The solder mask layers are mandatory for all PCB orders. We will assume that you have forgotten to export them and ask you to re-upload your files.

Here is a PCB.

 If you want no solder mask in your PCB, you can draw the solder mask layer like this.

If you want your PCB all covered by solder mask, you can draw the solder mask layer like this.  
Tip: Please apply the outline to all layers when generating the gerber, if the solder mask layer has no pattern, it may cause error information in CAM software.

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