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Fusion PCBA Specification

PCB Assembly Order Flow Chart
The lead time for PCB Assembly orders is around 7-15 business days if all the parts are from the Seeed's OPL and around 20-25 business days if not. 

Fusion PCBA Specification
Fusion PCBA Specification
Order Quantity1-8000pcs
PCB Layers1-16 layers
PCB MaterialRigid, Aluminum, Flexible Printed Circuit

Seeed OPL 
Components from Official Suppliers like Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, Element14 and others.
They must satisfy the following criteria:
1). Must be allowed to be imported into Mainland China
2). Must be in stock or have a certain lead time
3). Must be available in small quantities or in the specified quantity.
Environmental standardRoHS (Lead Free)
Solder TypeManual Soldering/Surface Mounted Technology
Board dimensionsMinimum Size: 1.0mm*1.0mm
Maximum Size: 500mm*500mm
Board ShapeVarious Shapes
PCB Design File FormatGerber File

BOM (Bill of Materials)
1. BOM file should be in csv, xls, xlsx format
2. BOM content should be as below
Part/Designator Manufacturer Part Number/Seeed SKU
A4, C2, C3 318020010 3
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 RHA0J471MCN1GS 5

  • PCBA Quick Answers
1 We can assembly both sides (Components can be soldered on the top and bottom sides).
2 If possible, please provide us with a pick and place file (XY or Centroid file) in the PCB Gerber zip file.
3 Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world for PCBA orders.
4 Stencils are included in PCBA orders but they are not shipped with the boards due to the high shipping costs. If you need stencils, please order them separately.
5 If possible, please keep all through-hole components on the same side (top or bottom).
6 The distance between 2 solder pads of 0402 components should be 0.26-0.45mm.
7 Please ensure that designator labels on the silkscreen are not on top of pads or vias since any overlapping silkscreen is removed during PCB manufacture.
8 Please clearly mark the pole for polarised components.
9 Minimum trace/vias/pads spacing is 4mil
10 The distance between any two chip components should be at least 1mm; the distance between chip components and connectors should be at least 5mm
11 Please maintain a clearance of 3.8mm around large ICs (48pins or more) and BGAs. The minimum BGA is 0.25mm
12 The solder pad size (length/width) on PCB should be larger than the pin size of the component
13 Temperature-sensitive components (e.g. LED, battery) may be damaged in the manual soldering process
14 The distance between soldering points and neighbouring SMD components should be at least 1mm
  • Gerber 
We use Gerber file as the manufacturing files, this is the article to guide you how to generate the Gerber file
  • BOM File
Components from Seeed OPL
Click to download Seeed OPL List

Components from Official Suppliers
We can not only solder components from our OPL but also can solder components from other suppliers, like Digikey, Mouser, Element14, Arrow and so on.

1). The MPN is the 'manufacturer part Number', NOT the Digikey or Mouser part number.
2). SKU = "OPL P/N" = MPN
3). Parts = Designator = location (the location of your components)
3). If one SKU has a quantity of 3, please use this format:  SKU: 318020010  Qty: 3   Parts: A4,C2,C3
4). Our system will automatically recognize the BOM file as long as you follow the BOM Template as shown below.
Part/Designator Manufacturer Part Number/Seeed SKU
A4,C2,C3 318020010 3
C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 RHA0J471MCN1GS 5

  • Lead time:

The lead time for PCB Assembly orders is around 7-15 business days if all the parts are from the Seeed's OPL and around 20-25 business days if not. Please see below for details.

  • PCB in production: PCB is being produced (3 - 14 business days, see note 1).
  • BOM Processing: The procurement of components and other materials (around 18 business days from order confirmation).
  • Assembly: The boards will be assembled and shipped 3 business days.
  • For Non-OPL orders: Since PCB production and components procurement take place at the same time, in most cases, the components will arrive after the PCBs have been manufactured. Therefore, the lead time for Non-OPL orders is time for components procurement and assembly/shipping time.
  • For OPL orders: Since all the components are sourced from our in-stock Open Parts Library, there is no procurement of components time. Therefore, the lead time for OPL orders is the PCB production time and the assembly/shipping time.

  • Note:
    1. Lead time is defined as the time from order confirmation and dispatch to the customer.
    2. PCB production takes 3 - 14 business days depending on specific order parameters, not including delays caused by problems with the order/files, but typical boards are completed within 3 to 5 days.
    3. We strongly advise customers to place orders well in advance of deadlines in case of any delays caused by problems with the order/files.

    • Designator
    The designator on the PCB should be complete. Without the designator, we are not able to know the locations of the components precisely. Please put the Component Placement file as PDF with the Gerber file in ZIP/RAR and re-upload it if there is no designator on the board.

    The designators in uploaded BOM must comply with the ones in Gerber or in component placement file

    • Package

    The component package in the uploaded BOM should match the pads in the Gerber file.

    • Polarity

    Polarised components should have clear indications to their polarity on the silkscreen. Otherwise, the components may be incorrectly mounted.

    • Quantity
    The component quantities in the uploaded BOM should match the number of designators.

    Notice: Please examine the files carefully before placing an order. We are not able to change the Gerber files once PCB fabrication begins.

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