Fusion PCBA Specification

Fusion PCB Assembly

1, Technical parameters
  Fusion PCBA
Order quantity 1-1000pcs
PCB Layers 1-16 layers
Components Seeed OPL components / components allowed import into Mainland China
Environmental standard RoHS(lead free)
Solder Type Manual Soldering/Wave-Soldering+Surface Mounted Technology
Board dimensions Largest size: 500mm*500mm
Board shape Rectangular
Board type Rigid
Stencil If the total components of the order exceed 30pcs,
customers need to place a PCB stencil order
Design file format Gerber file/ Components Centroid File
BOM (Bill of Materials) with Seeed OPL SKU or Manufacture part NO.(MPN)

2, Please keep below things in mind while design:
1 If possible, use SMD component instead of DIP component
2 If possible,keep all DIP components on the same side (Top/Bottom)
3 The distance between 2 solder pads of 0402 components should be 0.26-0.45mm.
4 No silkscreen on VIA holes since VIA hole will cut the silkscreen
5 Mark the pole for polarity components
6 Minimum trace/vias/pads spacing (Check more details)
7 The distance between any two chip components should be at least 1mm; the distance between chip component and connector should be at least 5mm
8 Keep clear around big IC (48pins or more) and BGA. 3.8mm is recommended 
9 The solder pad size (length/width) on PCB should be larger than pin size of component
10 Temperature-sensitive components (e.g. LED, battery) may be damaged in the manual soldering process. 
11 The distance between soldering points and neighbour SMD components should be at least 1mm

3, Lead time:

The lead time of PCBA order is 15 business days if all the parts are from the Seeed's OPL and it takes 25-30 business days if not. Please see below details info.

  • PCB will be made for 3-14 business days .
  • Material will have waited for 15-20 business days.
  • PCBA will be soldered for 3 business days

  • 4, Click to check Seeed OPL
    We can not only solder components from our OPL but also can solder components from other suppliers, as long as the component meets the following requirements.
    1). Components allowed import into Mainland China
    2). In stock and the lead time is certain
    3). No big quantity requirement for purchase

    5, BOM content Infomation

    *Please note that the MPN is 'manufacture part NO.', NOT Digikey or Mouser part NO.
    *SKU="OPL P/N" = MPN
    *Parts= Designator = location (the location of your components)
    *If one SKU have 3pcs, please use this format:  SKU:318020010  Qty:3   Parts: A4,C2,C3
    Part/Designator Manufacture Part Number/Seeed SKU
    A4,C2,C3 318020010 3
    C1 RHA0J471MCN1GS 1
    D1 ESP-WROOM-02 1

    After you uploaded the BOM to the website it shows like below,

    Our system will automatically calculate the price for you after you fulfilled the table or upload the BOM file.

    For Fusion PCBA order, please review the uploaded file according to the Check List below. An accurate file can highly increase the efficiency of production.

    6, Designator:

    1. The designator on the PCB should be complete. Without the designator, we are not able to know the locations of the components precisely. Please put the Component Placement File as PDF with the Gerber file in ZIP/RAR and re-upload it if there is no designator on the board.

          2. The designators in uploaded BOM comply with the ones in Gerber or in Component Placement File.

          3. The designator silkscreen should not be covered by solder pad.

    7, Package:

        1. The component package in uploaded BOM complies with the pads in Gerber file.

    8, Polarity:

    1. The polar components have polarity marks on the board.

    9, Quantity:

    1. The components' quantities in uploaded BOM comply with the quantities of designators.

    Notice: Please revise the uploaded file if needed. You can change the uploaded file within 1 hour after you placed the order while *cancel* button is available. 

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