Fusion PCB Specification

  • PCB Order Flow Chart

  • PCB Gerber
The Gerber format is an open 2D binary vector image file format. It is the standard file used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board images: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc.
Gerber files should be inside a .rar or.zip archive with standard file extensions:
      Extension                                 Layer
  • pcbname.GTL               Top Copper 
  • pcbname.GTS               Top Soldermask
  • pcbname.GTO               Top Silkscreen
  • pcbname.GBL                Bottom copper
  • pcbname.GBS                Bottom Soldermask:
  • pcbname.GBO                Bottom Silkscreen:
  • pcbname.TXT                 Drills
  • pcbname.GML/GKO        Board Outline
  • pcbname.GL2                 Inner Layer2( for ≥4 layer)
  • pcbname.GL3                 Inner Layer3( for ≥4 layer)

Gerber file must be the RS-274x format
2. Drill file(PCBname.TXT) should be Excellon format

3. Gerber file and Drill file(PCB name.TXT) must be put in the same folder
4. Board outline is required

  • PCB Specification for FR4-TG130


Unit: mm
Board Dimension Min size

Tip: If your board width is smaller than this size, you can make a bigger panel and use slots to separate the board.

Max size500*500mm
Available Board Layers1-6 layers
Available Board QtyMin:5pcs
Max: 8000pcs
Dielectric Constant4.2-4.7
Dielectric Separation thickness0.075 - 5.0

Available Board Thickness
1-2 layers0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3 
4 layers0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3 
6-8 layers1, 1.2, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3 
10 layers1.2, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3 
12 layers1.6, 2, 2.5, 3 
14 layers2, 2.5, 3 
16 layers2.5,3 
Available Board Copper Weigh1oz.  2oz.  3oz.
Board Thickness Tolerance± 10%
Minimum trace spacing / width

For 1oz, 4/4mil, 5/5mil, 6/6mil
For 2oz, 10/10mil
For 3oz, 15/15mil
Minimum trace width in inner layers
(for 4 layers board)
Minimum distance between trace and copper pour
 For 1oz ≥ 8mil
 For 2oz ≥ 12mil 
 For 3oz ≥ 15mi
Minimum distance between vias (plated holes)

Aim to prevent Ion migration

Minimum distance between via(plated holes) and trace

Aim to prevent Ion migration

Annular Rings
Outer Layer Copper Thickness  0.035-0.07(1oz-2oz)
Inner Layer Copper Thickness  0.017(0.5oz)
Drilling Hole Diameter(Mechanical)

0.2 - 6.3mm 

Width of Solder Mask Dam

≥0.32mm for Green
≥0.35mm for Other colors
Limitation(need extra fee):
≥0.10mm for Green
≥0.13mm for Other colors

Diameter of Castellated Holes


Size of BGA
For 6/6mil ≥0.45mm
For 5/5mil ≥0.35mm
For 4/4mil ≥0.25mm
Circuit to edge  ≥0.3mm
Minimum distance between inner trace and non-plated hole  ≥0.2mm/7.87mil
Minimum silkscreen height/trace width  height ≥0.5842mm /23mil
trace width ≥0.1016mm /4mil
Perfect aspect ratio of silkscreen

Silkscreen colour  
 Silkscreen colour is WHITE   when solder mask is Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black

Silkscreen colour is BLACK when solder mask is white  

Minimum distance between pad and silkscreen

Minimum milling slot width≥0.8mm
Slot Tolerance(Mechanical)±0.15mm
The minimum board dimension of V-CUT
The V-cut line only is cut from edge to edge
The maximum board dimension of V-CUT≤380*380mm
The minimum sub-board dimension of V-CUT


PCB production time(build time)

3-14 working days

* PCB production time takes 3 - 14 working days depending on specific order parameters. 

Aluminum Board Specification
Available Board Thickness:1mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2mm
QTY min: 5, max: 8000
Board Dimension:min: 10mm*10mm
max: 500*500mm
Available Board Colour:White (Silkscreen is black)
Black (Silkscreen is white )
Copper weight:1oz
Surface Finish: HASL, HASL lead-free,  ENIG, OSP,Hard Gold
Minimum Trace Width: 4mil
Minimum Trace Spacing: 4mil
Minimum Drilling Hole: 0.2mm
Production Lead Time:5-11 business days

FPC Board Specification
Available Board Thickness:
QTY within:
Board Dimension:
Available Board Colour:
Copper weight:
Surface Finish:
Minimum Trace Width:
Minimum Trace Spacing:
Minimum Drilling Hole:
Production Lead Time:
5-7 working days

The temperature of FPC

Low-temperature resistance:-40℃
High-temperature resistance:280℃

  • Panelization Rules:

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