How do I prepare the Bill of Materials (BOM) file for Seeed Fusion PCBA Orders?

For Seeed PCBA orders, the Bill of Materials or BOM file should follow our template (you can download a template here). Otherwise, the system may not be able to read the file or may miss vital information.

Accepted file formats: .xls, .xlsx or .csv spreadsheet formats

The BOM file must contain the following information in this sequence (anything outside of these four columns will be ignored):

- Column A -
The component label printed on the silkscreen (or assembly files) that tells us where to place the part(s) on the board. E.g. C1, C2, C5, C7. Only commas can be used to distinguish each designator. For example C1; C2; C5; C7 or C1-C7 will not be read correctly.

- Column B -
Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) or Seeed SKU: 
The part number given by the manufacturer – NOT the supplier, i.e. not the DigiKey number or Mouser number. If you are using parts from the Seeed Open Parts Library (OPL), then you can enter the Seeed SKU value instead. E.g. the part number CC0402JRNPO9BN330 or the Seeed SKU number 302010000 are both fine.

- Column C -
The number of this part on one piece PCBA. E.g. for the above, the quantity would be 4, which means 4 of component CC0402JRNPO9BN330 are required per PCBA piece, on locations C1, C2, C5, and C7.

- Column D - (optional)
Part link: 
A link for more details about the part to help our procurement team if the system cannot find it. This is for reference only, it does not mean we will buy it from this link. Filling in this column in the BOM saves you from having to enter it every time you upload the BOM.



-          The number of designators should be equal or less than the quantity.
-          Please ensure there are no empty cells in the first three columns, all three pieces of information are needed.
-          Please only include parts in the BOM that you need Seeed Fusion to purchase and solder onto the boards. If you have testing points or parts you will solder yourself, please do not include these in the BOM.



A gap!

The first three columns of information are mandatory, please make sure there are no gaps in any of these columns.

If all fails.. 

Open a new spreadsheet and copy the columns into the new spreadsheet. Sometimes formatting and settings can affect the system’s ability to read the file.

Still not working? Let us take a look. Send us a message to


Last Modified 2018/11/09

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