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Solder Mask Dam


The mask dam between pads will help to prevent accidental solder bridging during assembly.
If the soldermask dam is too small, we will remove the dam directly.
If you want better solder mask dam, please choose pcb color green, it will get better performance than other colors.
If you choose 
[0.1mm↑] for solder mask dam, the min dam for green is 0.1mm, for red, yellow, blue is 0.12mm, for white, black is 0.15mm.

1. For advanced ICs, the pins are very small and close, it is very common in high integration design that there is no solder mask dam between pins.
2. It may be a problem that no solder mask dam between pins when you solder them manually. But it is not a problem any more when you use reflow solder machine. They will use stencil to control the tin cream.
3. We have reflow solder machine. Please try our PCBA service if you have problems wtih small pins.

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