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What is the Seeed Fusion Design for Assembly (DFA) review?


A PCBA Design for Assembly (DFA) review utilizes the information contained in the PCB Gerber files, Bill of Materials, X-Y file and other available information to verify the successful production and optimal yield of an electronic device. The Seeed Fusion DFM review service gives your design a thorough check from our own expert engineers to ensure a smooth and punctual production run.

What does it check?

The Seeed PCBA DFA review checks for problems pertaining to the final assembled PCB. We do this by looking at the compatibility of the constituent parts (PCB and components) with each other and the intended assembly method. Therefore, unlike a PCB DFM review, a DFA review calls on the combined product development expertise of an electrical engineer with shop-floor manufacturing experience.

After the review, you will be sent a Design for Assembly report with any findings, suggested changes and their level of importance. Download the sample DFA report.

Seeed Fusion DFA vs DFM review comparison

Sample Seeed Fusion DFA Report

Why is it called Design for Assembly?

While arguably the assembly part of a PCBA production could also be considered part of manufacturing, to prevent confusion with the more common and simpler PCB Design for Manufacture (DFM) review that is performed on all PCB consignments, the Design for Assembly DFA term was chosen to emphasize the combination of all parts at the assembly stage.

What are the benefits?

A DFA review is critical in reducing costly defects and delays and goes hand in hand with turnkey PCB assembly. Our own experience with the Seeed Fusion Turnkey PCB Assembly service shows that 70% of all consignments are delayed by errors resulting from the PCB design or Bill of Materials that could have easily been avoided with a thorough check. We know not everyone has the level of shop-floor in-sight to be able to foresee potential pitfalls, which is why we believe this service is so important.

We benefit too. Delayed orders hold up the queue or waste valuable production time that affects the entire efficiency of the shop floor. By reducing the number of hiccups and troubleshooting time, we are able to streamline the production line and provide a timely service to all customers.

Not convinced? See what the experts say and why we think this is such a valuable service.



Why does it cost so much more than a PCB DFM review?

For PCB Design for Manufacture review, technicians are trained to recognize a set of patterns and rules to ensure that the printed circuit boards can be manufactured at their facilities. However, the focus is on manufacturing, and technicians are only required to have a basic understanding of electronics design. A PCB may be perfectly manufacturable, but at the same time, completely useless if they are not compatible with the intended components.

PCBA Design for Assembly relies on the full New Product Introduction (NPI) experience of a qualified engineer to highlight pitfalls and factors that may affect yield or quality. Cumulatively, our engineers have decades of experience developing Seeed’s own products from start to finish.

Why does it take up to two days?

The DFA review is truly in-depth and takes time. Our engineers have tools to help verify each and every footprint and clearance with the manufacturer’s specifications and will scourge for other potential problems. Depending on the complexity of your design, it could take just a few hours or as long as 2 days to get your DFA report back.

In terms of the overall lead-time, we think it’s infinitely better to spend a little time and money to fix errors in the beginning rather than spending another few weeks afterward to resolve problems. You could end up receiving sub-standard or in the worst-case scenario, completely useless boards.

How can I have a Seeed Fusion Design for Assembly Review with my PCBA order?

Seeed’s DFA review is now included in every Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly order. 

Now get FREE DFA review with any PCBA order

After payment confirmation, your files will be sent directly to a qualified Seeed engineer for review. Once complete, you will be sent a detailed DFA report that can be viewed via your Order History page and be given a chance to make design changes.

Please note that the review may take as long as two working days, depending on design complexity, and the entire PCBA lead time does not include time spent modifying the files or further reviews.

Re-ordering? Already been through the DFA review before? Just let us know the previous order number and we'll skip it.

Seeed has always been sharing in-depth manufacturing expertise with our clients and partners. We now welcome our Seeed Fusion family to take advantage of this truly indispensable service.

Modified 2020/09/01  

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