Fusion Gallery FAQ

Sharing the design is purely your own wishes, Seeed will not privately share your designs in any cases.

1.Why don't I have any projects that can be shared?
Fusion gallery is only for files in PCB/PCBA orders placed after Jan 1st, 2017. We need to make sure the quality of sharing so only the manufactured files can be shared in Fusion gallery.

2.How can I share projects in the gallery?
You just need to log in Fusion gallery’s admin platform, choose the design and click Share.
Please make sure you fill in the brief introduction about your design so people can understand it easily.

3.How can I receive the coupon?
Once you have shared one project, we will issue 5% off fusion coupon and it will be sent to your account automatically.
Furthermore, if your design has been selected, we will issue a $ 5 fusion coupon and you can enjoy free PCB one time.

4.How can I produce the boards in the gallery?
You just need to click order board, and it will open the order page with file.

5.What if I have any suggestion or advice for the gallery?
Welcome to contact us at fusion@seeed.cc.

Fusion Ordering FAQ

  1. What is Fusion?
  2. What is the production time for Fusion services orders?
  3. Seeed Production Code MUST be printed on empty space of your PCB
  4. My order status is "Pending", what should I do?
  5. How can I cancel my order?
  6. What are the Fusion PCB order status?
  7. What payment methods do you accept for Fusion services?
  8. What is the lead time for Fusion PCB/PCBA order?
  9. I can’t find the re-order option on your website and I've lost my Gerber files. What should I do?
  10. How can I change my shipping address?
  11. Why can NOT recognize my BOM file?
  12. Why is it taking so long for customs clearance?
  13. Why can't i track the tracking number which you provided ?
  14. I am not happy with the quality of the products, what can I do?
  15. Why doesn't my tracking number work on the tracking website?
  16. My Fusion order is over $200, do I qualify for free worldwide shipping?
  17. Why didn't I receive any e-mails about my order confirmation or status updates?
  18. How to place Fusion PCB/PCBA Order?
  19. What are the Fusion PCBA status?
  20. Fusion service automatic measures the board dimensions?
  21. How can I downlod my invoice?
  22. Can i buy parts from your OPL?
  23. I chose the wrong color in my Fusion order, can I change it?
  24. Can you soldering component which is not in your OPL?
  25. Why my Air Mail package still has not arrived?
  26. How Can I Get The Shipping Cost For Fusion Orders?
  27. How can i find/use my coupon?
  28. Seeed day PCBA promotion information
  29. Fusion Gallery FAQ
  30. Fusion no longer using Singapore post at Canada area.
  31. Why has my Fusion PCB been charged from $4.9 to $9.9?
  32. What is VAT/EORI/CNPJ/CPF number?
  33. Will Fusion Service Checks The Gerber Files?

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