Fusion PCB/PCBA Order Submission Guidelines

All the process in One Page. Ordering PCB has never been so easy

When you are ready to order, navigate to Fusion>Fusion PCB

1. Upload Gerber file, choose parameters

2. Click
 on the PCB Assembly button if you need it  
    Upload BOM to get PCBA service quote 

If you meet following situations after uploading files.

More than 500+ commonly used components are available, we can help you to solder them on the boards. As long as components meets the following requirements ,
1. Component permitted to import to Mainland China.
2. In stock and the lead time is certain.
3. No big quantity requirement for purchase.


  • Gerber file requirement:
  • Top Layer: pcbname.GTL
  • Top Solder Mask: pcbname.GTS
  • Top Silkscreen: pcbname.GTO

  • Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBL
  • Bottom Solder Mask: pcbname.GBS
  • Bottom silkscreen: pcbname.GBO
  • Board Outline:pcbname.GML/GKO
  • Drills: pcbname.TXT
  • Inner Layer: pcbname.GL2(for 4 layer)
  • Inner Layer: pcbname.GL3(for 4 layer)
  • Notes: Gerber file must be RS-274x format.  Drill file(pcb name.TXT) must be Excellon format.  

  • Design rule
  • Eagle
  • If you use Eagle CAD, you can download DRU file to verify your design before order.
  • DRU for 2-layer board 

You can generate your Gerber file through following link:
Seeed Gerber Generater 2-layer board
Seeed Gerber Generater 4 layer board

Altium Designer Gerber Generator

PCB specification 
PCBA specification

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