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Why the website cannot read the BOM file?


Please make a BOM file which follows this template so that the website can read it correctly.

  • Check the BOM format, only CSV, XLS or XLSX files accepted.
  • Check the BOM content, only allow four rows of information in the BOM, which is Designator, MPN(Manufacturer Part Number) Qty(Quantity) and Link.

  • The website only recognizes commas to distinguish the designator. 


  • The designator should be ≤(less than or equal) to the Quantity (QTY).

  • Please use the Manufacturer Part Number as highlighted in red, do NOT use the Digi-key or Mouser Part Number.       

  • Do not include components in the BOM that you do not need us to solder onto the boards.


  • If the system cannot match the components, please help to fill in the purchase link (you can fill in the official link or Digi-key/Mouser link).


  • Blog to guide you how to place a PCBA order.

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