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LinkIt Smart 7688 (SKU: 102110018)

Q1: My Linkit Smart 7688 cannot bootup after powered.
a. Please check the log via a USB to Serial cable.
b. Try to update the firmware according to this guide link. 

Q2: Can I flash the firmware via a USB drive.
A2: Here is the instruction file.
a. Save the
firmware file (lks7688.img) to the root directory of a USB drive.
b. Plug the USB drive to the development board.  
c. Press the Wi-Fi and MPU (Reset) buttons, then release the MPU Reset button only while holding the Wi-Fi button for at least 5 seconds and release when the Wi-Fi LED turns off, see below for detailed LED status. Do not press the Wi-Fi button for longer than 20s or the development board will enter boot loader mode and erase all user data.

                    Flash firmware LED Status

Q3: What is the power consumption of the LinkIt Smart 7688 development boards?
A3: Please refer to Section 2.2.6 "USB Power"of the LinkIt Smart 7688 Developer’s Guide for detailed power consumption information.

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