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Shield Bot (SKU: SLD01091P)

  1. I used the exampled library, but my shield bot can't move.
    a. Please make sure that the sketches are uploaded without any error.
    b. As Shield Bot V1.1 and former version share the same library. Please modify the .cpp file to match your Shield Bot version before use the Shieldbot Library file. The modify step is described in Note.txt.

  2. How to use Shield Bot with Arduino YUN?
    As Arduino YUN cannot be powered with an 5V input to "5V" labeled pin, when you power the Shield Bot with the battery, YUN will not be powered.

    Please try the following things:
    a. Pull aside the 5V pin of Shield Bot, making 5V pin of shield bot and YUN disconnected.
    b. Connect 5V of Shield Bot to Vin of Shield Bot with jumper wires.
    c. Connect YUN and Shield Bot together, YUN will be powered successfully.

    Note: There is no voltage regulator on Arduino YUN. Please make sure the power input is regulated 5VDC to Arduino YUN. 

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