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Grove - NFC (SKU: 113020006)

  • Are there libraries available for Grove NFC that work with Intel Edison?
We only have NFC library for Arduino platform here. Please use this code to port it to Intel Edison platform.

  • I can't make Grove - NFC v1.1 work, and get "Didn't find PN53x board".

    Please check whether it's used in the correct way as below:

    1. When using it with Arduino UNO, the only way to get the return message is set it to I2C mode. While using it with Mega or Leonardo, you can use Uart mode.

    2. I2C mode:
    Cut the connections:
    P1  ≯  UART
    P2  ≯  RX
    P3  ≯  TX

    Solder the connections:
    P1 -> I2C
    P2 -> SCL
    P3 -> SDA

    3. Make sure PN532 library and Don's NDEF library are downloaded to Arduino library, and use NDEF -> ReadTag
       Delete Line 1 to Line 10 ("#else" and the above) to let it start from I2C directly.

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