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Xadow - Main Board (SKU:COM00100P)

  1. Dimensions (width, depth and height) of Xadow main board and each module.
  • Method One: Just Open It!
    Please download the Eagle file
    unzip it and open with Eagle
    you'll find the actual size of Xadow LOL.
    I have a screenshot which shows: 25.43 * 20.35 currently all Xadow module share the same size.
  • Method Two: Just Measure It!
    I get a sample size from my calliper, which show the size of Xadow Main Boad is: 25.96 * 20.27 * 2.58
    We have done 3D enclosure based on Xadow, We will write about design works on Xadow recently once I get free.
    PS: the height of Xadow modules are different due to different component are used, for example OLED is much higher~ I suggest you use a vernier calliper for precise size.
  2. I got this error while installing driver for Xadow Mainboard on Linux: usb device not recognized
  • As for a temporal solution, you can hold the reset button(Main board); and click the Upload button(Arduino IDE); release the reset button while the IDE monitor occur Uploading......

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