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Motor Shield (SKU: SLD01102P)

Q1: The purpose of the jumper MB_EN
A1: You can see a power jumper(MB_EN) on the motor shield. If you move it, the Arduino can provide power to Shield, but the shield(if the shield has connected to a external power) can't provide power to Arduino.

If the jumper exists, one can provide power to the other under two situation:

1)USB to Arduino: if no external power connected to Shield separately, the Arduino will provide power to Shield via VCC pin.

2)External Power connected to Shield:If shield has a separate power, the voltage would through a rectifier(78M05) first, and then provide power to Arduino. At this situation, no current of Arduino could through Arduino to Shield via 78M05.

So the purpose of this jumper is a choice whether you would wanna use shield to provide power to Arduino or not.

Q2: Is there a pin conflict between the SD card shield (103030005) and the Motor shield (105030001) on Arduino UNO? How to use them together?
A2: There is a pin conflict between Motor shield and SD card shield in digital pins D11,D12,D13 of the Arduino Uno. So you cannot stack them together with the Arduino Uno board.

A solution to use them together is

1.Stack the SD card shield to the Arduino.
2.Modify the library of Motordriver.h as follows.
/******Pins definitions*************/
#define MOTORSHIELD_IN1    8
#define MOTORSHIELD_IN2    7
#define MOTORSHIELD_IN3    6
#define MOTORSHIELD_IN4    5
#define SPEEDPIN_A        9
#define SPEEDPIN_B        10

3.Do not stack the motor shield but make connections separately as follows from the Arduino using jumper wires.
 Arduino   Motor shield
 5v       ------>5v
 GND    ------>GND
 D5      ------>D13
 D6      ------>D12
 D7      ------>D11
 D8       ------>D8
 D9       ------>D9
 D10     ------>D10

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