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Seeeduino ADK Main Board (SKU: ARD52028P)

Q1:  Compilation issue with the Android App:

     Just got my ADK board and installed everything. The Arduino side went well. ADK sketch compiles and hardware working OK with fine sketches.

     However, a problem with the Android App. Have all the libraries in place and loaded the microbridge package which compiles OK. However, a couple of lines fail to compile.

     I am using Android 2.3.3 (for Desire HD).

     e.g bOutPutLED = (Button) findViewById(; // eclipse complains that is undefined.

     Presumably some kind of version issue. Any suggestions?

A1:  I think this should go into the forums, but the sort answer is, you need to run at least Android 2.3.4. 2.3.3 will not do. See the ADK pages.

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