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Wireless Sensor Node - Solar kit (SKU:KIT80949P)

Q: Is this device all I need to remotely log data?

A: No, because this is not a device (see below): you need to connect a standalone bee module to the node to be able to use it for something. Wou will also need a remote Wireless Gateway to collect data (see below).

Q: What is the use of this device?

A: This is not actually a "device"; this is just an interface, used to connect to a bee module these devices:

  • a solar panel
  • a battery
  • an USB connection for PC (for bee module programming)
  • external sensors

Q: Which microcontroller is mounted on the Sensor Node?

A: The sensor node has no microcontrollers onboard: it is used to program microcontroller mounted on the bee module

Q: What is a "standalone bee module"?

A: In a nutshell it is a wireless-enabled Arduino board

Q: Why do I need to connect my bee module to this board?

A: To program the module via USB, to allow battery/solar powering of the bee module once it is programmed, to easily connect sensors to the module without need for soldering, but with strong and reliable connections.

Q: What is a remote Wireless Gateway?

A: It is for example an Arduino board connected to a bee device; the board will receive data from this Node and will perform some processing on them (show them on display, log them to SD card if equipped with SD Shield, send them to PC,...)

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