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Bluetooth shield (SKU: SLD63030P)

  1. Connect bluetooth shield with Arduino Mega

  2. How to change the baud rate of bluetooth shield

  3. Control Bluetooth Shield via AT commands
    4. Can not connect Bluetooth "Mater" to "Slave"
  • Install 2 BT shield to 2 Arduino, and power up;
  • Power off the 2 Arduino board, note that you need to "POWER OFF" the 2 Arduino board.
  • Power on the 2 Arduino board again. and the open the sscom32, you may need to open it twice for both master and slave.
  • The LED D1 on master and Slave blinks with an interval of 2s. that to say, the connection is ok now.

  • Sent any data from master to slave or slave to master as attached picture.
    5. How many BT2.1 slaves can be connected to one BT2.1 master?
         BT2.1 is Serial Port Profile module(SPP), so it supports only one slave.

    6. Can I program a Bluetooth Shield V2 (SKU: 113030019) from a Linux PC?
         Yes, you can program Bluetooth Shield V2 from a Linux PC.

    7. Can I upload Arduino sketches to my Arduino via your Bluetooth Shield V2?
         No, you cannot upload Arduino sketches via Bluetooth Shield V2.

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