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How Can I change my shipping address or billing address?

    You could change the shipping address and billing address by yourself before shipment when the order status is confirming or confirmed for once time.

    1. Pls follow the steps to find your order details page: 
    My Orders>View Order> Changing Shipping Address/Changing Billing  Address

    2. You could choose an address on the address book or add a new address.

    3. You could choose to add a new address when the address hasn't been saved in the address book.
    4. Pls back to the order detail page and clink "Changing Shipping Address" and then choose an address on the address book.
    5.  The page shows "Address Changed!" when modifying the address successfully. you could click “  Review now" to check the address where you changed into.

    Please contact us with the correct shipping address using the format below if your order has been shipped out:
    Phone number:

    If your order has been shipped, We may be able to help contact logistical company try to change shipping details but it may be reject by local custom, and we must first confirm this with the shipping agent and it may incur additional costs.
    Shipping information cannot be changed via SZ Post.

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