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How to generate Gerber and Drill files from Fritzing

Many thanks to Kimio Kosaka for providing the guide:

The procedure is explained using the Gerber data output from the example circuit "Countdown.fzz" supplied with Fritzing. 

1. Change to the "PCB" edit mode on your Fritzing. And click the "Export for PCB" ▼ button on the lower toolbar. Make sure you click the arrow for other format options, not the main button, otherwise, Fritzing will export to PDF by default.

2. The data type selection menu will open. Click "Extended Gerber (RS-274x)..."

3. The "Choose a folder for exporting" dialog will open. Create a new folder and select it (I made the "gerber-files" folder.) The Gerber files and drill file will then be exported into the chosen folder.

4. (Optional) Open the folder and delete the "Countdown_pnp.txt". It is not needed for PCB manufacture.

Package the files into a .zip or .rar archive then upload them onto the Seeed Fusion PCB/PCBA order form to place an order. You can check the Gerber files in the online Gerber Viewer after uploading them.

Last modified 2019/06/16

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