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How to generate Gerber files from CircuitMaker

1. Outputs-Gerber

2. default configuration

  • pcbname.GTL               Top Copper 
  • pcbname.GTS               Top Soldermask
  • pcbname.GTO               Top Silkscreen
  • pcbname.GBL                Bottom copper
  • pcbname.GBS                Bottom Soldermask:
  • pcbname.GBO                Bottom Silkscreen:
  • pcbname.TXT                 Drills
  • pcbname.GML/GKO        Board Outline
  • pcbname.GL2                   Inner Layer2( for ≥4 layer)
  • pcbname.GL3                   Inner Layer3( for ≥4 layer)
GML layer, outline layer, GKO layer, all of them can describle outline. Please choose one of them to generate and make sure the outline in this layer is clear.



6. default configration

7. Then click OK button, it will generate a zip file.

8. Outputs-NC Drill Files


10. Click OK

11. Move the files in to

12. The new zip file contain gerber and drilling information. You can upload in our website.Fusion PCB

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