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What is the difference between Fusion standard PCB and Fusion Advanced PCB?

  Standard board:→Fusion PCB Custom board:→Fusion Advanced PCB
Why it is cheap/expensive We will buy lots of metal-clad bade material in the same specification at once to reduce the cost. We will buy many different kinds of metal-clad bade materials.
Put many designs from different customers in one huge panel to manufacture together. Manufacture different design one by one.
Using the standard and unchangeable processing line. Change processing step when necessary.
Advantage Cheap and start from $4.9 More customized options
Production will be fast by standard processing high-end processing ability
Disadvantage No more options by standard processing Expensive by customized the options and processing
Need to add a manufacturing number on PCB Take more time to manufacture.
What kind of people need it Student, Engineers, Startup, Small enterprise,  Engineers, Purchaser/Buyer of enterprises, Researcher
What kind of product need it Function test
For fun
Prototype or small batches during early trials
the product for mainstream market
the product with high integration design
the product with high frequency signal
the product cannot be finished with standard PCB
Seeed Production Code The code MUST be printed on the boards NO code printed on the boards
Specification 1-6 layers 1-40 layers
Quantity 5-8000 5-100k+
Dimension 10mm*10mm-500m*500m 2mm*2mm-600mm*800mm
Thickness 0.6mm-2.0mm 0.2mm-7mm
Quality Standard IPC Class 2 IPC Class 2/Class 3
Materials FR-4/Aluminum/Polymide FR-4/HighTG FR-4/Rogers/taconic/Arlon/Aluminum/Polymide/
Surface finish Hasl/Hasl lead-free/ENIG Hasl/Hasl lead-free/ENIG/Hard Gold(Plated Gold)/Nickel/Immersion Sliver/OSP/Carbon/ENIG+Hard Gold
Copper weight 0.5oz. Inner/ Up to 3oz. Outer Up to 10oz
Trace/Spacing Down to 4/4mil Down to 2.5/2.5mil Inner, 2/2mil outer
Solder Mask Color Green/Red/Blue/Yellow/Black/White Green/Red/Blue/Yellow/Black/White
Solder Mask Dam Down to 0.10mm Down to 0.08mm
BGA size 0.25mm 0.18mm
Min hole size 0.2mm 0.1mm mechanical hole/3mil laser hole
Castellated Holes Yes Yes
Impedance Control Yes Yes
Chamfer on golden finger Yes Yes
micro vias No Yes
Blind/Buried Vias No Yes
Plugged in Vias No Yes
Via-in-Pad(POFV) No Yes
Back Drilling No Yes

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