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How long do Fusion orders take?

  • Production Time 

1. Lead time is defined as the time from order confirmation and dispatch to the customer.
2. PCB production takes 3 - 14 business days depending on specific order parameters, not including delays caused by problems with the order/files.
3. We strongly advise customers to place orders well in advance of deadlines in case of any unforeseen delays caused by problems with the order/files.
Product Production Time
Fusion PCB 3-14 business days
Advanced PCB 7-15 business days
Fusion PCBA 7-25 business days
PCB Stencil Service 2-3 business days
3D Printing 5-7 business days
CNC Milling 5-7 business days

  • Shipping Time

Shipping MethodShipping Time
DHL1-3 business days
FedEx4-8 business days
EMS7-15 business days
EU Post (US/GB/DE/AU Post)12-20 business days
Registered  Airmail - Small Parcel (Singapore Post, etc.)15-30 business days
HK Local5-10 business days
SF (China Only)2-5 business days

  • Tracking Link

Tracking Link



USPS-Germany Tracking Link

USPS-US Tracking Link

USPS-UK Tracking Link

USPS-Australia Tracking Link

USPS-Israel Tracking Link

Singapore Post Tracking Link

17track Tracking Link

HK-EMS Tracking Link

HK_Local Post Tracking Link

SF Tracking Link


1. All the packages (excluding express DHL service) take 1-3 business days for customs clearance normally, which means the postal service has not yet received the package and logistics information has not yet been updated to the website. Please track again after 3 business days.

2. Some postal services (such as USPS) can only track the parcel once it has arrived in your country.

3. For Air Mail Service, there is no quality guarantee, tracking information may be slow to update or cease completely and delivery is much slower. It usually takes 20-30 days to reach the destination. Please check at your local post office directly if you have not received your parcel more than 30 business days.

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