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How to Trace my parcel?

Here are all links you might need to trace your order:



-SZ-POST/Australia Direct Line/United Kingdom Direct Line/Germany Direct Line/America Direct Line:

-4PX Direct Line/4PX Registered Air Mail/EUB

Kindly Reminder:

  1. The above shipping methods may occasionally be unstable or unable to be tracked, and there may even be a possibility of package loss.
  2. When your package arrives at local customs, customs clearance might take 10~15 working days without any update on the tracking information.
  3. If your order is notified as "Traceable" for 30 working days without reception, please contact your post office and notify us. We will follow up closely to track the parcel and refund/ reship in the worst case.

- Japan Direct Line:  

US DHL Smartmail Plus Expedited

US DGM Smart Mail Expedited:

Please select the country on the menu first(click the button on the top right):


*Note that if the shipping information stop updating for a long time, please visit nearby Post Office to check and find your pacel.

*For any parcel that you are unable to track, you can use the link below to track it, or contact us directly<>

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