I suggest Seeed...

Screw Shield Board for Industrial DIN Rail Enclosures

Seeeduino and Linkit can replace and disrupt industrial PLCs industry. Your boards only need a Screw Shield with 5.08mm pitch screws and a screw shield PCB so it can fit in traditional Bud Industries industrial enclosures (those enclosures are very inexpensive).

So the screw shield should meet Arduino connector specs and also needs the PCB to be sized such way that fits perfect inside the enclosure.

Please see the PCB board currently offered by BudIndustries, which can be easily adapted to work like a screw shield for seeeduino platform.

Yes, the Seeeduino ScrewShield will be bigger but will provide space to mount the screw terminal and give access to those screws outside the DIN Rail Enclosure without giving access to seeeduino and giving more protection to electronics.




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  • AdminUSB (Admin, Seeedstudio) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for your advice.But we don't see the enclosure or something. And we think that the Seeeduino and Linkit are kind of different from PLCs industry.
    Would you please give us more information about the enclosure so we can understand the applications and decide wether to develop such product.

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