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Encoder Geared Motor JGB37-371 (SKU: 316070003)

  1. How can I use this JGB37-371 motor?
    JGB37-371 is sourced from factories in Shenzhen, but we don't have detailed datasheet and wiki page for them. The parameters are shared in the webpage. 

    And the wiring from the connector should be as below:
    ● The two yellow wires on the left connects to two pins of motor;
    ● Green and white wires are outputs of two pulse signals, use one of them to detect speed, use both to detect rotate direction;
    ● Red wire connects to 3V to 5V power source to power up the speed detection chip;
    ● Black wire connects to GND.

    Encoder 334 can used to test the speed accurately. When the motor rotate one circle, there will be 334 pulse signals from the output. 

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