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Wifi shield (Fi250) (SKU: 812001001)

1. How to use Wifi shield (Fi250) on Arduino UNO
  • ① Reset the module as factory default. Press the function three times at fast speed;
  • ② Upload sketch “Blink”(Arduino IDE: File - Examples - Basics) to Wifi Shield(Fi250); 
  • ③ Connect WIFI_TX to D1 and WIFI_RX to D0 with jumper hats on shield;
  • ④ Open Serial Port Tool, then send “AT+USET=baud rate,N,8,1,N”(Baud rate should be lower than 115200).
    For example, “AT+USET=38400,N,8,1,N”, and you will see “OK” returned.

  • ⑤ Change the jumper hats to connect WIFI_TX with D6 and WIFI_RX with D7.
  • ⑥ Upload the code below.
  • ⑦ Open serial monitor, and you will see it successfully joins wifi with the Red LED lit.

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include "WizFi250.h"
#define SSID      "Your-SSID"
#define KEY       "Password"
#define AUTH       "WPA2" 
#define spi_CS  8
SoftwareSerial uart(6, 7);
WizFi250 wizfi250(&uart);
void setup() {
Serial.begin(38400); //change to the right baud rate
uart.begin(38400); //change to the right baud rate
Serial.println("--------- WIZFI250 TEST --------");
// wait for initilization of Wizfi250
// wizfi250.reset();
  Serial.println("Join " SSID );
  if (wizfi250.join(SSID, KEY, AUTH)) {
    Serial.println("Successfully join  "  SSID);
  } else {
     Serial.println("Failed join " SSID);
 Serial.println("*************send command to get Wizfi250 status******************");
  char c;
  while (wizfi250.receive((uint8_t *)&c, 1, 100) > 0) {
void loop() {
  while (wizfi250.available()) {
  while (Serial.available()) {

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