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How to apply the Coupon/Promotional Code

1. Coupon
2. Promotional Code
3. FAQ

1. Coupon:

1.1 What is Coupon

If you have received a coupon, you can find it here:

There are three status of a coupon: 
- Remaining: Your coupon can still be used
- Used: All the credit of your coupon has been used, and you can't use it anymore.
- Expired: The coupon has been expired. You can't use it anymore.

You can not only find the coupon in Your Account, but also on the checkout page:

1.2 How to Use Coupon

First of all, add items to cart and proceed to checkout page. All your coupons will be shown here: Checkout Page> Apply Discount Code> Coupon

Secondly, click on the coupon you want to use. Once the coupon is applied successfully, you will see a note:

If a discount is applied successfully, you will also see the deduction on your total amount:

After you confirm the deduction, you can click on "Place Order", and then you will obtain an Order Number.

2. Promotional Code:

2.1 What is Promotional Code

A promotional code will not be binded to an account. Anyone who has this code, can use it. 

2.2 How to apply Promotional Code

Firstly, add items to cart and proceed to checkout page.

Second, select Promotional Code and Enter it. 

Last but not least, remember to click "APPLY DISCOUNT".

3. Q&A

Q: Is there any Conditions of Use for the Coupon & Discount Code?
- Yes. Some of them can only be used to a specific items with specific quantity. Some can be used once and some can be used multiple times. Some can only be used when your order reaches a certain amount. 
- If you receive the Coupon/ Discount Code by email or any marketing activities, the rules are usually stated.

Q: What should I do if the Coupon & Discount Code don't work when my order meet up to all the conditions?
- Change internet/browser/device, because it sometimes happens due to internet or device issues.
- If the above suggestion doesn't work, please contact <> for more 

edited on April 10, 2024

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