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Seeed Licensed Products Program FAQ

Q1: What documents do Licensors need to prepare when they apply for the Seeed Licensed Products Program?

Licensors should prepare the following files and other supporting documents:

1. PCB manufacturing files (Gerber and drill files)
2. BOM file (Bill of Materials)

Q2: What documents do Licensors need to prepare for product launch? 

After approval, licensors are required to provide:

1. A getting started article (following the style of the Seeed Wiki)
2. Product page details: including short and long descriptions, images, documentation, code, libraries, etc.
Please refer to this page for an example.

Q3: What are Seeed’s sales and distribution channels?

Seeed handles all online platform sales and promotion via the Seeed website, social media accounts and partners, with opportunities to sell to large distributors including Digikey.

Q4: How do rebates work for licensed products?

Seeed will provide monthly sales and rebate reports to the Licensor, and Seeed will arrange to pay royalties to the Client per quarter.

 Q5: Who handles customer support and technical inquiries for licensed products?

Seeed will handle inquiries and support to customers including ordering, shipping and technical support. Licensors are required to provide technical training and support for Seeed personnel to be able to handle problems regarding product usage.

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