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Seeed Fusion Quality Assurance Guarantee

1)  Quality Assurance Period:

       a) Workmanship of PCBA boards assembled by Seeed Fusion PCBA service is guaranteed for 12 months

       b) Blank Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) manufactured with Seeed Fusion are guaranteed for a period according to the surface finish chosen:

            i. HASL/HASL (lead free)/ENIG/Hard Gold: 6 months from the date of production

            ii. OSP/Immersion Tin/Immersion Silver: 3 months

2) Scope of Quality Assurance Guarantee

       a) If the customer finds any defects within the guarantee period that are confirmed to be the fault of the producer (Seeed), the producer will repair or replace the defective goods or provide credit equal to the value of the defective goods or the cost of repair.

       b) The seller guarantees that all materials used are genuine, unused and from the original factory unless with the previous consent of the customer. If the buyer finds the materials procured by Seeed are fake or second-hand, Seeed shall provide the customer with full replacement, credit or maintenance services at no extra charge to the customer.

       c) The scope of the quality assurance services listed in this article refers to all remedies and legal liabilities undertaken by the seller for product defects.

3) Quality Assurance Guarantee Exceptions

       The guarantee does not cover the following defects:

         a) Defects as a result of product design or defects with materials not procured by Seeed, including customer provided parts and parts procured from other suppliers as instructed by the customer that are not Seeed-approved suppliers.

         b) Defects beyond the scope of the functional test instructions provided by the customer

         c) Defects as a result of servicing or alterations not performed by Seeed.

         d) Defects caused by the customer such as cracks, burns, scratches and deformation whether by accident or deliberate abuse.

         e) Cosmetic damage within the scope of the relevant quality and acceptability standards that do not otherwise affect the products functionality or materially impair its use.

         f) Other defects caused that are not the fault of the producer including defects caused by failure to use the products correctly or as a result of general wear and tear or external causes.

         g) Defects reported before shipment where the customers consent has been previously obtained.

       Where Seeed is found to be not at fault, the customer shall bear all freight and customs expenses incurred to transport the defective goods to and from Seeed.

4) Shall the contents of this guarantee conflict with other contract terms, unless exclusively signed by both parties, the contents of this guarantee shall prevail.

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