Sell on Seeed Marketplace

Sell your Seeed Fusion PCB assembly boards directly on the Seeed Bazaar website with Sell on Seeed Marketplace. Seeed handles all order processing and logistics for just a measly 5% commission.


  • Seeed exposure and support. Dedicated homepage space for Seeed Marketplace products.
  • Simple and easy to use platform. Seeed Bazaar style listings.
  • No need to handle order processing, packing or logistics.
  • Only 5% commission.

How do I start selling on the Seeed Marketplace?

First, place the PCB Assembly order with Dropshipping (click here for help). This will enable dropshipping and Sell on Seeed Marketplace services.

Go to your account and navigate to Drop Shipping Administration, then select Sell on Seeed.

Create your listing by filling in the descriptions and uploading some photos of your product. Set the product category and choose a selling price. You can also add links to GitHub repositories and documentation.

Submit your listing and a Seeed operator will review your listing. Once approved, your listing will appear online for customers to browse once your PCB assembly product is complete and logged in the warehouse

Don't forget to make a name for yourself and fill in your seller profile. Your Creator Introduction will be visible on all your listings so viewers can get to know you and your story.

Customers can purchase your Marketplace product like any other product on Seeed. They can be combined with other goods or purchased individually. Customers then enter their delivery details, submit payment and then Seeed's warehousing and logistics take care of the rest.

Once you have money in your Seeed bank, you can request the money to be withdrawn into your bank account. It is that simple!

The Seeed Marketplace is still in it's early phases! Be one of the first to get your own products listed on Seeed. Don't be afraid to get in touch.

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