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What is the Seeed Fusion Drop Shipping Service?

The Seeed Fusion drop shipping service utilizes an online management platform to enable customers to send Seeed Fusion orders to multiple addresses. Ideal for online sellers on platforms such as eBay, Tindie and Etsy and small businesses without warehousing capabilities. Drop shipping has the goods shipped from the manufacturer/supplier directly to the customer. There is no need to pack goods or purchase packing materials, no need to manage storage or handle logistics.


  • Easy to use platform - just upload a spreadsheet of addresses.
  • Real-time monitoring - view the status of your production order and shipment orders in one platform.
  • No need to make room for stock. We will keep your goods for 6 months for free.
  • Make use of Seeed's international logistics capabilities and sell to the world.
  • Ideal for small businesses with more orders than they can handle.
  • No hidden fees - just pay for goods and shipping fees.


  • The Fusion Drop Shipping service is available for products manufactured using the Seeed Fusion service only. Seeed Fusion Drop shipping is not available for or with other products from Seeed or elsewhere.
  • Only one product (of any quantity) can be shipped in each parcel.
  • Goods are dispatched in one to three working days of the warehouse confirming receipt of the manufactured goods. 
  • Two shipping options are currently available for Drop Shipping: SZ Post (registered airmail) and Express DHL (fast courier). 
  • SZ Post takes on average 12 - 22 working days. Please see more details here. Fusion Drop Shipping uses the Express DHL service which takes 1-3 working days (not 3-5).
  • Drop Shipping to mainland China is currently not available.
  • If there is still remaining stock after 6 months, we will ship the remaining stock to you or dispose of them. You will be contacted nearer the time to discuss your options.

How to use the drop shipping service

Add the Seeed Fusion order you would like to drop ship to your cart. Make sure that it is the only product in the cart and proceed to the checkout.

Enter or select your address from the saved addresses.

Select Drop Shipping as the shipping method. The delivery time and price will be determined separately. This option will only appear if there is only one item in the cart. Then proceed to payment and pay for the goods.

The order will then appear in your Order History and in the Drop Shipping Administration Tab. Navigate to the icon on the top right next to the shopping cart to find your Order History. Then click Drop Shipping Administration tab on the left to view the status of the production order. Shipping address lists can be uploaded here.

On the left, and on the upload area you can download a shipping list template. Shipping lists must follow the template and all non-optional fields must be filled. Please pay attention to the notes when filling in the template.

Don't know the ISO Alpha-2 country code? Here's the official search tool. Delivery to mainland China addresses not available for Drop shipping.

Once uploaded, continue to the checkout to pay for the shipping fees. Then the record will appear in the Shipment Orders tab under Drop Shipping Administration, and you can view the status of each parcel. Once the product has completed production and been logged into the warehouse system, the goods will be shipped within one or two working days and the tracking number will update here. You can upload multiple shipping orders as long as you have available stock. 

For your convenience, you can download a snapshot of the shipment order by clicking Download Order Detail. This will download a .csv file of the shipment order details, including individual shipping costs and statuses. 

That's all to it. Let us know if we missed anything.

Last Modified 2020/04/26

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