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How can I place an Bazaar online order when I want to finish payment via Bank transfer ?

1. You could login account firstly, add all items you plan to purchase into the shopping cart.

2. Then check out, choose bank transfer payment. In the check out step please fill in your shipping address (English Only), the system will help to calculate the accurate shipping fee via different shipping options before you pay the order.

3. Clink the “PLACE ORDER NOW”, you will get the page shown as bellow.


4. You could download bank account details on your order details page and finish the payment via bank transfer, and then upload proof of payment on your My Orders page.

5. The system will confirm your order after the money is settled, the money takes 1-5working days to reach our bank account, we will arrange to process your order after confirmation.



  1. Please arrange payment to our bank account using American Dollars (USD) and SHA (Shared) instructions. Download bank account details. ( SHA means buyers shall bear the cost of their bank's outgoing transfer fees while the recipient is responsible for other intermediary bank charges.
  2. Please include the Seeed order number (40000xxxxx) in the payment reference to speed up payment verification.
  3. If payment or proof of payment is not received within 7 days, your order will be automatically canceled and the items will no longer be reserved for you.
  4.  bank information: Beneficiary Name:
    Seeed Development Limited (pls note it is SEEED not SEED)
    Beneficiary Account Number: 002-014405-055
    Beneficiary Address: Room 1405, 14/F, Lucky Centre, 165-171 Wanchai Road, Wancha, Hong Kong 000000
    Beneficiary Bank: HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited Shenzhen Branch
    Beneficiary Bank Address: 8/F, China Resources Building, No.5001, ShenNan Road East, LuoHu District, Shenzhen, China 518000
  5. Please upload proof of payment on your My Orders page.

Order status:

[pending ]Your order is submitted to us but the money isn't settled.

confirming]Your order is under confirming and wait for the bank handles the money.

[confirmed]Your order is accepted.

[processing]Your order is under processing.

[shipped]Your order has been collected by the forwarder.

[traceable]Tracking information of your order is available to check.

[Canceled]Your order has been canceled.

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