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Having trouble on checkout page?

This guide leads you to resolve the issue you might be facing on Checkout page.

Question 1:  The "SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS Button" is not clickable. 
→ When you seeing this case, please re-try with another browser such as chrome/ firefox/safari. This happens when network is unstable.

Question 2:  "Continue to Payment" grey out. 
→ Please re-try and proceed the order with another browser, our website does not compatible with IE 11.0 Browser.

Question 3: The shipping address is invalid.
→ We do not accept shipping to these countries: Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Iran, Republika e Kosovës, Central African Republic, República del Ecuador

Question 4: "Your order has been cancelled."
3.1 If you use paypal for payment:
Feel free to fill out purchase order here and send over to for going through offline purchase.

3.2 If you use credit card for payment as seeing this condition:
It occurred because your order has been declined by your credit card bank. We supposed the reason is that your credit card bank is unwilling to accept the transaction. You may need to contact the credit card bank to check the issue or please try to change another credit card or PayPal for this payment. 

If still seeing issue, feel free to contact

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