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Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger(SKU: 101020010)

Q1: How does the Grove-Ultrasonic sensor work?
A1: When we provide a pulse trigger signal with more than 10uS through singal pin, the Grove_Ultrasonic_Ranger will issue 8 cycles of 40kHz cycle level and detect the echo. The pulse width of the echo signal is proportional to the measured distance. Here is the formula: Distance = echo signal high time * Sound speed (340M/S)/2. 

Q2: Why Grove-Ultrasonic sensor only has 1 signal pin, comparing with other ultrasonic sensor Trig and Echo pins?
A2:Grove_Ultrasonic_Ranger’s trig and echo signal share 1 SIG pin through MCU.  

Q3: Where can I find technical support if I have some other issue.
A3: Please send an email to

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