Fusion PCBA Check List

Please keep below things in mind while design:

1If possible, use SMD component instead of DIP component
2Keep all DIP components on same side (Top/Bottom)
3The distance between 2 solder pads of 0402 components should be 0.26-0.45mm.
4No silkscreen on VIA holes
5Mark the pole for polarity components
6Minimum trace/vias/pads spacing (check more details)
7The distance between any two chip components should be at least 1mm; the distance between chip component and connector should be at least 5mm
8Keep clear around big IC (48pins or more) and BGA. 3.8mm is recommended 
9The solder pad size (length/width) on PCB should be larger than pin size of component
10Temperature sensitive components (e.g. LED, battery) may be damaged in manual soldering process. 
11The distance between soldering points and neighbor SMD components should be at least 1mm

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