What is the 24 HOUR Fusion PCB Service/Expedited service

1. The following are available for 24 HOUR Fusion PCB Service.
PCB Dimension: 
5*5cm, 5*10cm, 10*10cm 
PCB Thickness: 
1.2mm, 1.6mm 
PCB QTY within: 
120(5*5cm),60( 5*10cm),30( 10*10cm) 
Panelized 1
PCB Color: Green,Red,White,Yellow,Black
Surface Finish: Hasl,Hasl(lead free),ENIG
Copper Weight: 1OZ
2. Estimate shipping time 
Order TimeShipping Time
SundayBefore 10am(EST)Monday11am(EST)
MondayBefore 10am(EST)Tuesday11am(EST)
TuesdayBefore 10am(EST)Wednesday11am(EST)
WednesdayBefore 10am(EST)Thursday11am(EST)
ThursdayBefore 10am(EST)Friday11am(EST)

3. Free DHL shipping 
Free DHL shipping conditions
Only Fusion Expedited order
Choose "Expedited option"
No Bazaar order 
4. Choose "Ship in 2 days "option 

5. Return the expedited fee if not shipped within 2 days as promise.

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