Export PCB gerber from Cam

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Big thanks to our friend Luca. A lot of customers had similar questions that relate to Luca's experience with our Fusion PCB Service. Luca shared his experience on using cam to create a Gerber file. Below article is copied from Luca.
Original article: http://www.lucadentella.it/2011/10/22/guida-al-servizio-fusion-pcb-di-seeedstudio/?lang=en

A guide to SeeedStudio’s Fusion PCB Service

LUCA 22/10/2011 36

Among the many online services for PCB manufacturing, I was impressed by the SeeedStudio‘s offering: they aggregate many orders to offer professional service at a very competitive price.

I tried out the service ordering 10 PCBs, maximum size 5x5cm, with a price of 9.90$ + 3.52$ for shipping (to Italy) – less then 10 euro. SeeedStudio doesn’t accept Eagle .brd files, so I thought to write this short guide with some hints to use Fusion PCB at its best.

Download from Fusion PCB webpage, the Eagle Design Rule file.

The downloaded archive, in Fusion eagle subfolder, contains two files:

  • Fusion_eagle_rule_v1.1.dru
  • Seeed_Gerber_Generater_v0r95_DrillAlign.cam

Copy the first in dru subfolder of the main Eagle installation folder, the second in cam subfolder:

Open your Eagle project and focus on Board layout: to test PCB compliance to Fusion PCB rules, click on Drc button in the right toolbar, then click on Load… and choose the file Fusion_eagle_rule_v1.1.dru:

Click on Check, if everything is ok, DRC Errors window won’t show any errors; otherwise you have to modify your PCB following the error messages.

To export the project, from File menu click on CAM Processor.

In CAM Processor window, click on File -> Open -> Job… and choose the Seeed_Gerber_Generater_v0r95_DrillAlign.cam file:

Click on Process Job: Eagle will write some new files in our project’s folder.

Before sending those files to SeeedStudio, I strongly suggest to check their content with a Gerbereditor/viewer: in my experience sometimes I found errors in the exported files (for example if you use proportional fonts, they may change size).

A great opensource software is Gerbv, which has been ported also on Windows platforms.

To open your project, click on File -> Open layer(s)…

Choose (pressing CTRL key, you can select more than a file at the same time) the 7 files you have to send to SeeedStudio:

  • .GTL  (top layer)
  • .GBL (bottom layer)
  • .GTS (solder stop mask top)
  • .GBS (solder stop mask bottom)
  • .GTO (silk top)
  • .GBO (silk bottom)
  • .TXT (drill sizes and positions)

Hiding/Showing each layer you can check if export was successful:

If everything looks good, prepare an archive with the files listed above.

Connect to SeeedStudio website, in the page where you can order the FusionPCB service.

Upload your ZIP file:

and complete your order choosing PCB quantity and parameters; you can follow the order status in the customer area of Seeed’s website.

After some weeks, here are the PCBs…

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