Options of Fiducial

  • No fiducial
  • Etched though
  • Etched on squeegee side
  • Etched on board side
  • Normally, if your paste printer machine is 100% automatically, you should choose "Etched on board side". For semi-auto or manually paste printer, "No fiducial" or "Etched though" is good.If your stencil is used to print glue, we would suggest you to choose "Etched on board side".

    Fusion technical support

    1. What is Gerber file?
    2. What are the PCB panelization rules?
    3. How to generate Gerber file
    4. How to export the drill files correctly?
    5. What is the correct way to draw the silkscreen on the bottom side?
    6. If my PCB does not require Solder Mask, what should I do?
    7. If my PCB do not require Drilling Holes, what should i do ?
    8. Which layer should I use in EAGLE for milling?
    9. What is the depth of the v- cut?
    10. If my PCB's do not have the silkscreen, how can I proceed with my PCBA order?
    11. Exporting manufacturing files from Altium Designer
    12. Export PCB gerber from Cam
    13. How to export the correct drilling layer from eagle
    14. What is the minimum trace width?
    15. What are the dimensions for Dielectric Separation thickness?
    16. What is the inner layer copper thickness?
    17. What is the range for the drilling hole diameter?
    18. What is Blind/Buried Via?
    19. What is the The Min Track/Spacing for 1oz./2oz./3oz. Copper weight
    20. How to output drill file correctly ?
    21. Is the board outline could only be rectangle ?
    22. What is the layer?
    23. What is Half-cut/Castellated Holes.
    24. How can i do if i do not required to make plated through holes?
    25. Options of Fiducial
    26. What is the size of the Fiducial?
    27. The dimension for PCB
    28. How do plated through slots work on the Gerber ?
    29. The material for FR-4/Aluminum Board/FPC
    30. The thickness of PCB
    31. The surface finish for PCB
    32. The color of solder mask
    33. The copper weight for PCB
    34. What is Impedance Control?
    35. PCB quantity
    36. How to generate Gerber files from PCBE
    37. How to generate Gerber file from Eagle
    38. How to generate Gerber files in Altium Designer
    39. How to generate Gerber file from KiCAD
    40. How to generate Gerber files in DipTrace
    41. How to generate Gerber files from Proteus
    42. How to generate Gerber files from DesignSpark
    43. Recommend size for BGA
    44. Solder Mask Dam
    45. Difference between standard PCB and Advanced PCB

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