Seeed Fusion Groupbuy FAQ

For sellers:

How does Fusion Groupbuy work? 1. Set up a Groupbuy for your product by creating a product page, setting a price and target number of buyers.
2. If your target is met, your Groupbuy is sucessful and will be manufactured and shipped by Seeed.
3. After the Groupbuy is over, Seeed will pay the designer all profits.
What is the difference between the Fusion Groupbuy and Fusion Consignment programs? Fusion Groupbuy is an all-or-nothing campaign that runs for a limited time and does not require designers to pay production costs in advanced. If the target is met, then production commences, if not, then the buyers are refunded. The Groupbuy product can only be purchased by itself.

Fusion Consignment requires designers to place a PCBA order first, wait for stock and then manage sales on a long term basis. Customers may purchase the product with other Seeed Bazaar goods.

Upfront Payments
Groupbuy: Designers do not need to pay production fees upfront to initiate the Groupbuy. The designer pays only if the Groupbuy is successful. Customers pay shipping fees.
Consignment: All production fees are paid in advance. Customers pay shipping fees.

Groupbuy: Slow. Customers have to wait for the Groupbuy to end and for subsequent production.Consignment: Fast. The goods are in stock, so customers can purchase them on the spot.

Groupbuy: The production of the design is not guaranteed. There is the chance that the Groupbuy will fail and no one will get their hands on the product.
Consignment: So long as there is stock, the products are available.

Groupbuy: The higher the target number of buyers, the cheaper the production price, which can be passed onto customers. Note that Groupbuy products cannot be purchased with other Seeed products, therefore the shipping may have a large impact on the total cost customers have to pay.
Consignment: Production costs reflect predicted demand and wastage may play a factor. However, as they can be purchased with other products, the influence of shipping is minimal which may increase the sales volume.
What kinds of products are suitable for Groupbuy and Consignment? Groupbuy is ideal for standalone products with the ability to grab attention and interest by themselves. Customers have to be willing to wait potentially months for the goods to arrive and usually at a higher cost. E.g. Development boards and standalone devices.
Consignment products are in stock and can be combined with other Seeed Bazaar products. Perhaps your product grabs customers' interest while they browse the Seeed site. These are usually lower value products such as shields, breakout boards, other accessories that have long-term value.
As a designer, what are the benefits and obligations of initiating a Groupbuy? Benefits
1. Take 100% of the profit (Total sales - PCBA manufacturing cost). Seeed currently does not charge any service fees for Groupbuys, whether successful or not, and will update users in the event of changes in terms.
2. With the assistance of leading platform and the globally recognised Seeed brand, your product can get the right exposure in the right community.

1. By initiating a Groupbuy, you confirm that you own all rights to the design, have verified the functionality of the product and that it is consistent with the description.
2. The owner shall respond to user's problems in the Seeed Forums and assist with technical issues relating to the usage of the product.
How much does it cost to run a Groupbuy? Seeed will not charge any service fees for Groupbuys, whether successful or not, until the end of 2021. Designers will be updated in the event of a change in terms.
Do I need to pay any marketing expenses or Groupbuy service fees to Seeed? The designer does not need to pay anything for marketing or other service costs for Groupbuys. Designers only need to pay manufacturing costs if the Groupbuy is successful.
Are there special manufacturing discounts for Groupbuy products? Yes, the manufacturing quotation given after initial review includes a special discount, the specific discount depends on the specific product and production volume.
When can I receive payment for a successful Groupbuy? And in what form? All proceeds will be paid to your account within 15 days after the Groupbuy products have shipped. The payment can be made via PayPal or wire transfer.
For Groupbuys, what work and responsibilities do Seeed undertake? Seeed is responsible for first product verification, manufacturing, manufacturing assurance, logistics and delivery, and provides designers and users with the trading platform. Seeed is not responsible for the functionality of the product or customer service relating to the functionality of the product.
My product is ready. How do I start a Groupbuy? After finalising the design and prototypes, submit the project information (title/description/quantity/photos etc.). An account manager will provide the production cost and help set a product price. The Groupbuy can begin after passing Seeed's final review;
What should I include on the project page? Is there a standard template I can follow? Groupbuy products will have a page just like regular Seeed products i.e short description, image gallery, long description with a place to include documentation and external links etc. Check out the pages of popular or similar products to see what works best.
What files are needed for project submission and initial review? After the Groupbuy is complete, your boards will go straight into production via the Seeed PCBA service, therefore the files required for initial quotation and production are similar (PCB Gerber files, BOM file, Assembly files and Test files). Please click the URL below for more information. 【】
How is the selling price for Seeed Groupbuy's set? Can I choose the price? Seeed will advise on a selling price according to the manufacturing costs and the designer's needs, but ultimately, the price is chosen by the designer.
In addition to project information, what else should the designer provide? The designer should provide basic tutorials on how to use the boards, all the necessary firmware and/or code and troubleshooting information.
Do I need to have had a Fusion PCBA order before I can initiate a Groupbuy? Not at all, Seeed welcomes all verified designs to try out Seeed Fusion Groupbuy; but you must be able to verify the functionality of the product.
Do Groupbuy products support testing and firmware burning? Yes, functional testing is highly recommended for Fusion Groupbuys to ensure that every supporter recieves a fully working device. After a successful Groupbuy, Seeed will manufacture a sample and perform First Article Verification as soon as possible. Please include testing and programming instructions for the initial review and this will be included in the quotation.
Can I add mechanical parts or other parts to my Groupbuy product? This is currently not supported
Can Fusion Groupbuy products include other parts as part of the kit? Yes, please include it in the Bill of Materials file and an engineer will review it.
Can I run multiple Groupbuys for the same product? Yes, but there can only be one Groupbuy in progress per design.
What if my Groupbuy fails? Can I try another time or extend the time limit? Yes, you can initiate another Groupbuy when a sufficient enough people add the design to their wishlist.
My Groupbuy was a great success! Can I sell the product on the Seeed Marketplace long-term? Yes, you can use the Seeed Fusion Consignment program to continue selling on the Seeed Marketplace.
As the designer, who owns the intellectual property (IP) of my work? The IP ownership belongs to the designer. By submitting a Groupbuy, you confirm that you own all rights to the product.
My product is still a work in progress. Can I still start a Groupbuy? Groupbuys can only be started for products that are complete and have a physical working prototype. Please ensure that images of the final boards showing the essential features are included in the submission.
Seeed Fusion Groupbuy program is not suitable for my product, are there other ways to sell my product on Seeed? In addition to Groupbuys, you can also consider the Seeed Fusion Consignment program to sell on the Seeed Marketplace.

For buyers:

Where are the Groupbuy products shipped from? All products will be shipped from Seeed's Shenzhen warehouse in China.
Can Groupbuy products be shipped together with other products? The Groupbuy process only allows products to be purchased on their own. If you would like to combine another order with them please contact our customer support ( to merge them with other products.
I bought a Groupbuy product, how long do I have to wait to recieve it? If the requirements are met, the purchasing and production of groupbuy products will start immediately after the group deadline arrives. The PCBA production cycle will be 10-25 days, and the logistics transportation time will be 5-30 days.It can arrive in 15 days at the earliest and 60 days at the slowest, depending on the product attributes and the logistics mode chosen by the user.
Can I get a refund/return on a Groupbuy product? 1. If the Groupbuy is in progress, the Groupbuy purchase can be refunded.
2. After the Groupbuy time has expired, Groupbuys cannot be refunded.
3. In the event of a quality issue related to the manufacture of the boards, refunds are accepted.
4. If there is a problem related to the software or design, please communicate this with the designer. Seeed does not assume any responsibility for the design.
What if I have a problem after receiving the Groupbuy product? Please contact Seeed customer support ( in the event of an issue related to manufacturing.
For issues related to software or the design, please ask the designer in the Seeed Forums or the Groupbuy page's FAQ.
What are the rights and obligations of the users who join Groupbuys? Rights: Users have the right to use the product as designed.
Obligation: Before payment, the user is obliged to understand the product's intended functionality and agree to Seeed's relevant terms and conditions。

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