Does Fusion PCB provides Expedited Service/Rush Order/?

Fusion Service provides Expedited Service and the production time is 3 business days.

The expedited service is available when 
Material: RF-4 TG130
Layer: 1-2
Qty: 5, 10, 15, 20
Color: Green
PCB Thickness: 1.6
Surface Finish: HASL, HASL-Lead Free
Min Solder Mask Dam: 0.4mm↑
Copper Weight: 1oz.
Min Hole Size: 0.3mm
Min Tracking/Spacing: 5/5 mil  6/6 mil
Blind Vias: No
Half-cut/Castellated Holes: NO
Impedance Control: No

If your PCB's parameters exceed the options that we provide, then we are sorry to tell you we are unable to support the expedited service, sorry for the inconvenience.

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